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2000 yuan to buy a mobile phone accessories in the end is what kind of experience? Tencent digital news (Wang Yang) after the release of Moto Z, we got the Moto and Z combination in the plug-in modules together, this review did not complete the mystery of "egg" is about to reveal the answer. At first, most people around me for the first time to see the expression of the Moto Z modular phone is like this. However, after the experience and know the price, they seem to be in deep thought. Must admit, like super cool mobile phone module. Just a few years ago DIY zanwei, if the mobile phone can also save it? I’m not afraid of capacity! But the reality is cruel. The Google Project Ara program has not formed, left is LG and Moto. Modular design is the beginning of the LG by pulling the chin way to access more accessories to enrich the phone function, but it will inevitably sacrifice a certain appearance technology. Now it’s Moto’s turn. Lenovo and Moto to the module for a mobile phone assembly method. Under the premise of ensuring the phone itself, Moto Z is more like a complete Lego phone. What does the Moto Z module include? Moto Z did not have to say, is basically the top of the current. 5.2mm slim, 2K screen, underclocking version Xiaolong 820 4GB memory, +64GB storage, USB, Type-C, 1300W fingerprint module lens. Just a little regret for the 2600mAh battery and the proximity to Google native UI. Moto Z foundation is very good, has reached the standard of the current flagship phone market. On this basis, it also hides the modular design of this secret weapon. The module is assembled by Moto Z back to the magnetic contact to achieve, so that it can be connected with the third parts through adsorption. At present can fit Moto Z mobile phone accessories is very limited, compared the characteristics of 2299 yuan, 1999 yuan of the Hasselblad camera module projection module, 699 yuan JBL loudspeaker module. Hasselblad camera module if you always feel that mobile phone camera effect is poor or not so professional, you may need to Moto Z with a Hasselblad camera module now. Operation method is very Easy, just need to put the two modules like this into a camera. Forced to take off, and restore the original state. The characteristics of the 1200W pixel camera module is the biggest support 10 times optical zoom, zoom lens will be automatically telescopic, looks like a telephoto camera. The light is suitable for remote capture, to ensure it does not affect the imaging quality. Lens sensor size of 12.3 inches, the unit size of 1.55 microns, much stronger than the general phone. Aperture for f3.5 to f6.5. Focal length 4.5 to 45 mm, and supports OIS optical anti shake. In order to fit the needs of different users, the module provides the mainstream Hasselblad camera shooting mode, focus mode, can be compatible with Moto Z professional shooting mode, can shoot 1080P resolution video. As for the actual shooting, we see Hasselblad module and Mot.相关的主题文章:

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