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Blogging-Rss 1. Utilize Your Blog to Market Affiliate Products: This is what a lot of the guru’s do to make tons of cash by using a simple blog to do reviews on numerous products that they promote. You will want to have a different blog for each service that you are promoting. This practice is called "Pre Selling" or a "Pre Sell" page. A potential customer will always be more inclined to purchase when reading a review of something they are considering purchasing rather than just being pushed onto the main sales page. Make sure to include your affiliate link in your blog and implement a call to action at the end of your review. This is a nice word of mouth soft pre sell and this technique works well. 2. Use Affiliate Banners on Your Blog: Most products that you chose to promote have an affiliates page where you can grab the code for different banners and use them on you blog. This is a great technique to use as it makes your blog look more significant and larger than life giving the look that you have .panies buying advertising space on your blog. Make sure the banners you put on there are of the same or are in a relative niche that the blog is about so that you don’t confuse your visitor as to what they are searching for. To do this you must have your own hosting for your and full control over your blog page as you cant place these ads on the free blog hosting sites. 3. Place AdSense Ads On Your Blog: Google AdSense provides you with a number of ad type options – image or text based to place on your blog that after clicked on by visitors can earn in.e for you. Using AdSense is very easy. You specify your preferences and just copy and paste into your page source code where you would like the ad to show. You can use the same code on any of your websites. Once implemented DO NOT click on these AdSense ads yourself as this constitutes click fraud and google will penalize you for that. You can’t cheat the system they WILL catch you so do this the right way and it will payoff. 4. Start 2 to 5 Blogs a Day: Locate 2 to 5 different products daily that you want to promote and follow steps 1 and 2 to monetize the platform. If you do this you will have 60 to 150 plus blogs working for you by the end of the month and it costs you nothing but your time or the cost of a domain name and hosting for a year. Remember blogging for money is a business and content alone will not bring in cash for you. You must do further research ( just google building blog traffic or something similar) to be.e skilled at how to generate traffic to your blog as traffic, traffic, traffic means mo’ money in affiliate marketing. A blog with no traffic, if your looking to make money, is just that…a Blahg. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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