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48 million pixel sensor: global shutter 8K Video – Digital Sohu before announcing their latest results for Leica M image sensor CMOSIS: CMV50000. CMV50000’s biggest feature is the resolution of up to 48 million pixels (7920×6004 effective image), can shoot 8K 30fps video, and support the global shutter. The sensor size is 36.43×27.62mm, slightly larger than the size of the sensors used in the 35mm full screen camera, supports fast output, and uses 22 12 seat LVDS data outputs. Thanks to this, CMV50000 is not only able to achieve 8K 30fps video shooting, and even get 4K 60fps video capture, the theoretical specification is very powerful. Other features include CMV50000 sensor HDR (high dynamic range) mode (by parity for double exposure operation support), black level clamp function, which combines HDR, CMV50000 has a good noise reduction ability can help the. CMOSIS said that the CMV50000 sensor is suitable for television broadcast and video cameras, as well as high-speed cameras, of course, used in the consumer level cameras inside they are not opposed. Currently, CMOSIS provides only a single version of CMV50000, a single price of about $3800, which is more than 25 thousand yuan. By the end of the year, the CMV50000 color version will appear, the same price.相关的主题文章:

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