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Ceng Xuelin Memorial FIFA sent a condolence van Tram – Sohu Li Yi attended the root sports newspaper news (reporter Xiao Nan) yesterday morning, Shenzhen funeral memorial hall was crowded with from all corners of the country’s football circles, they are here to bid farewell to a respectable old man passed away before the football, men’s soccer coach Ceng Xuelin Chinese. Deputy director of General Administration of Sports Training Bureau Lv Tiehang, vice chairman of the association Wei Jixiang, Chinese legend and the deep foot before Rong Zhixing South Korea coach Che Fangen Li Yi, former deep enough players were rushed to the scene to send father finally. FIFA also sent a message of condolence. In February 11th, Mr. Ceng Xuelin died of illness in Shenzhen, at the age of 86. Because Ceng Xuelin made outstanding contributions to Chinese football career, he was recognized as a respected football player, so his death made the domestic football extremely sad, many football circles have spontaneously participated in the activities of the old condolences. Lv Tiehang, deputy director of the Training Bureau of the General Administration of sport and vice president of the Chinese Football Association, made a special trip from Beijing to Shenzhen to see Ceng Xuelin off. Wei Jixiang, vice president of the Chinese Football Association, made a special trip to Taiwan to see him off. As a senior adviser was once deep enough, Ceng Xuelin once and Korea marshal Che Fangen had very sincere cooperation. Che Fangen and his wife came in last night by South Korea flew to Shenzhen to attend the farewell ceremony yesterday was old. The Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau, Tianjin TEDA club, Hongkong Football Association and the football Cheng Yuelei peak, also through a wreath laying way of sustenance, a generation of Marshal grief. In addition, the "dragon team" fans will spontaneously organize condolence activities. In the old farewell ceremony, his eldest son had fandangos crying, he said, "because we were born in the sports family, and parents are together from many, so often to the holidays, I will be his father to Tianjin, watching his father led training on the side of the court. In recent years, every year I will receive my father’s Spring Festival in Thailand, but every time from Shenzhen to Thailand for two days, my father’s heart has returned to the domestic. Although advanced in age, the body is not good, but the father was always to join the football Chinese spare no effort to promote and popularize. Just one month before his death, he also went to Guangzhou for a forum. For his father, the greatest wealth of his life is to have a group of friends who love football as well."

曾雪麟追悼会国际足联发来唁电 车范根李毅出席-搜狐体育  本报讯(记者 肖赧)昨天上午,深圳殡仪馆追悼大厅挤满了来自五湖四海的足球界人士,他们聚在这里是为了送别一位值得尊敬的足球老人,因病辞世的前中国男足主帅曾雪麟。体育总局训练局副局长吕铁杭、中国足协副主席魏吉祥、名宿容志行以及前深足韩国籍主帅车范根、前深足队员李毅都赶到现场为老爷子送上最后一程。国际足联还发来了唁电。   2月11日,曾雪麟老先生因病在深圳的家中与世长辞,享年86岁。由于曾雪麟生前为中国足球事业作出了卓越贡献,是一位公认的、值得尊重的足球人,因此他的逝世令国内足坛格外悲痛,很多足球界人士都自发参与到吊唁曾老的活动之中。体育总局训练局副局长吕铁杭与中国足协副主席魏吉祥专程由北京赶到深圳为曾雪麟送行。   作为深足曾经的资深顾问,曾雪麟曾经与韩国名帅车范根有过非常诚挚的合作。车范根也于前晚偕夫人由韩国专程飞赴深圳参加昨天的曾老遗体告别仪式。北京市体育局、天津泰达俱乐部、香港足球总会以及高峰、程月磊等足坛人士也都通过敬献花圈的方式寄托对一代名帅的哀思。除此之外,“龙之队”球迷会也自发组织了吊唁活动。在曾老遗体告别仪式上,他的大儿子曾丹戈失声痛哭,他说,“因为出生在体育家庭,我们和父母都是聚少离多,所以每每到假期的时候,我都会被父亲接到天津,在球场边上观看父亲带队训练。这几年,每年我都会将父亲接到泰国过春节,但是每次从深圳到泰国没两天,父亲的心就已经回到了国内。虽然年事已高,身体也不好,但父亲却始终不遗余力地投身中国足球的推动和普及。就在去世前一个月,他还去广州参加了一个论坛活动。对于父亲来说,他一生最大的财富就是拥有了一群和他同样喜爱足球的朋友们。”相关的主题文章:

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