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Penguin mother Tucao: strength pit father? 14 years old little Lolita and when the daughter and wife when! Hello everyone! I am familiar with the penguin mother! Want to know about the recent two – dimensional news hot spots? Want to listen to the views of these hot spots and Tucao mother? Please pay attention to the daily four p.m. the launch of the "Penguin" column Niang Tucao, we Be There Or Be Square yo! But in the three dimension basically impossible things, such as the German Department of orthopedics, ghost father, drivers will be called in some circumstances or to a comic plot. According to Nivel de Noticias the South American media reports, a 14 year old girl named Itzel in his face book open on his belly photos, shocking is that girl proudly called the belly of the child is her father! The young girl in the open in the photo with a sweet smile, and written in words, I am 14 years old, the children in the belly kick me really happy, I will soon become a mother!" I have to give up a lot of things for the baby, but still very happy! As if to hold the baby in front of the chest." According to the information on the face book, the girl is looking forward to being a mother, although the age is small, but full of hope for the future. When a friend asked her child’s father who is, she did not hesitate to say: "my father is the baby’s father." The girl’s face book shocked the society, and the local police arrested her father. But the girl is to maintain their father, said his father was really in love, and not forced. Father said her daughter from the age of 10 began to seduce themselves, unable to hold back and she had a relationship. Well, no matter who is tempted, but this can only happen in the two dimension is absolutely not allowed to appear in the three dimension! The penguins to the sun baby mother openly on the social networking site of the small Lolita say: "you are the strength of cheating ah!" Presumably you old driver for this story has already destroyed three concept flattering? In the hard disk, should have many strange folders, there are a lot of strange pictures? Although there is no sound and action, but only the comic often style exquisite, and can do the details of the professional, well received. But recently, there are Japanese netizens said: some foreigners think push energy-saving are adapted according to the facts. Foreigner: "the purchase of energy-saving are very dangerous!" Japanese: "hum, yeah." Foreigner: "this girl must have a real case, right?" Japanese: "of course." Stranger: "you see it! Since there is a real event, then it shows that there are victims ah! Tell me, who is this girl who is insulted?" Japanese: "Oda Nobunaga." From this dialogue, the Japanese are obviously in the ridicule of foreigners, after all, Oda Nobunaga, but with little sister. But this piece is currently in Japan on the network has caused a lot of extension, someone said: "don’t believe, in fact, these ships are alive, which is operated by the mother ship of the elves." "I told you, the real identity of the gun is actually a sister oh." However, some people think that there are indeed a lot of ordinary people can not understand the animation works in the virtual drama with the reality of the relationship, then]相关的主题文章:

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