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Ultra practical home skills get different clothes how long wash? Original title: Home practical skills get different clothes how long the best wash? Intro: some people say that the clothes did not wear out, is to wash the bad. Indeed, the clothes have a best cleaning cycle, wash too often will accelerate the wear and tear of clothing, cleaning will not cause bacteria to breed, bring health risks. What kind of clothes do you want to use? Today to tell you the best answer, so practical skills must be get up! Underwear: when 2-3 is worn, it’s more difficult for a woman to wash a bra than a pair of underwear, because after one or two passes, they don’t look so dirty. However, it should be put on the two or three wash. Because the body sweat secretion of natural oils and fats will be immersed in the clothing fibers, if you wear more long time, will take a long time to clean. Jeans: no more than three months you may have heard a saying: "cattle can not wash". There are more strange, said the jeans can be sterilized in the refrigerator, you still listen to even. In fact, jeans should be washed, but not so frequently. MattEddmenson, the founder of a denim brand, and his wife, Carrie, gave their advice: the first cleaning time for new jeans should be no more than three months, and then they can stay in their clothes for the next four months. Socks: wash a day if you want to keep your feet happy state, every morning should be replaced with a new pair of socks. As for the cycle, it is also a daily wash. Some patients with "cancer" will accumulate them for a week or longer. It is suggested that the best way to clean the socks is to turn over the surface and wash them with water temperature of 40 degrees celsius. To avoid drying, choose flat put dry. Cotton T-shirt: 3-4 times after wearing the most commonly used for us cotton T-shirt, in fact, it is not as often as you need to wash. Although not a rigid standard, but the number of cleaning these T-shirts and its wearing life tied, especially when the machine wash or dry cleaning. Common practice is to wear 3~4 times after washing again to reduce wear. Cardigan: 8-10 times after wearing a sweater need to take care of them, the cleaning cycle is about 8~10 times after wearing — unless you shed a lot of sweat or in a smoky place. Sports equipment: every time after you dressed in exercise in how much sweat, sports equipment you also experienced the same challenges — a lot of tearing and adhesion on the sweat. The best way to protect them is to wash them immediately after coming home, whether it’s a little sweaty yoga or a sweaty gym. Winter: one or two times when cleaning depends on their winter coat fabric for a season, most of the winter cleaning many times is not so warm, so most of the winter coat in the winter after a thorough cleaning, and then stored. Northern winter time is relatively long, you can wash in the season once. The machine can keep the cotton and allow one to two times to clean throughout the winter, hang in the bath.相关的主题文章:

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