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Cross strait Forum on climate change and energy sustainable development – Environmental Protection — original title: Cross Strait Forum on climate change and energy sustainable development held in Beijing September 11 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Ma Haiyan) twelfth Strait climate change and energy sustainable development forum held in University of Science and Technology Beijing, 10. More than 110 experts and scholars from the two sides of the Taiwan strait. Director, Department of energy and Mining Engineering Institute Peng Suping China China Academy of engineering, said that in 2005, both sides of the Strait are based in the current focus on the future, a person with breadth of vision angle, the initiative of the forum, has gone through 10 years of time, the two sides have been hundreds of academicians, celebrities, Taiwan University Presidents and nearly 800 experts on both sides scholars to participate in the Forum on energy, climate, environmental protection and other areas of dialogue, discussion and cooperation. This forum has organized a total of four topics, both on technology and practice of energy-saving emission reduction, energy and the environment to adapt to collaboration, build a modern energy system, the green economy and social progress and other issues that have an important impact on the results of the forum will. Taiwan Sustainable Energy Research Foundation Chairman, Taiwan forum chairman Jian Youxin believes that in the use of low carbon emission and the change of energy, at least to do three things: a change of lifestyle and life behavior existing; two to the new era of the industrial revolution, about how to minimize the use of coal can also the rapid development of economy; three to bring national competitiveness based on changing the top two on the change. Academician of the Academy of engineering, China forum, chairman Xie Kechang believes that the current world especially the developed countries in Europe and America invested heavily in energy and enthusiasm to promote climate revolution in recent years, with the increasingly clear green energy as the direction of the energy technology revolution is most likely to trigger a new industrial revolution. In this context, actively promote energy technology revolution, the technological revolution and the industrial upgrading Chinese energy chemical industry as a new growth point, to ensure the safety of the China reform, has important significance in promoting the sustainable development of economy and society. (end) (commissioning editor Li Nanhua and Jiang Qi)相关的主题文章:

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