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Xiamen, a fire broke out in the building of a sudden fire smoke quickly extinguished – firefighters use lift ladder view. Chen Yue photo Beijing, September 19 Xiamen Xinhua (reporter Chen Yue) 19 afternoon at 15:39 PM, the building is located in Xiamen Lianban Baofu sudden fire, the fire is not surprising, but the black smoke covering several neighboring buildings, looks quite scary. Have witnessed the fire people even said on the Internet, "scared me, wearing pajamas and ran out". The Xiamen fire department quickly dispatched after the alarm, only a few minutes to put out the fire. No casualties and trapped news. Reporters rushed to the scene at 16 am, but also to see the basic fire extinguished, black smoke has disappeared, there are white smoke smoke on the building fire. In the vicinity of the restaurant opened Miss Tang also told reporters that he was out of the store when the phone, suddenly found the sky has been filled with billowing smoke, very scary". However, she also introduced, heard the scene after the fire, the smoke quickly disappeared, the surrounding stores are normal business, is not affected. According to the Xiamen fire brigade said the fire is building four floor balcony bowford, after a preliminary verification, because there was a billboard for welding personnel are reinforcing typhoon blew, resulting in air conditioning cooling terrace tower fire, the fire brigade arrived at the scene 5 minutes after the fire completely extinguished, no casualties, the specific situation is further investigation. (end)相关的主题文章:

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