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From the Switch host at the Nintendo shengsijie [Sina micro-blog original game, please follow @ Sina game] is a term called "death" in chess, rob the outcome is directly related to a block and a few pieces of chess or chess, this is called "shengsijie". China’s traditional culture is also discussed: life and death, is a disaster in An important juncture of life and death, the Taoist view, later Buddhism and Taoism fusion, "nine to ten" means, "saying that death was ten. Finally! Is to become Buddha, but it’s never more! A shengsijie way is to rely on courage and merit, and some luck, of course, for! In recent years, the negative news of Nintendo is really too much, because the WII U is weak, plus before the rise of Nintendo long-term cold response Mobile Games, makes a lot of game player and industry insiders believe that Nintendo Nintendo look bad, old-fashioned, conservative and rigid. But Nintendo recently released a new host Nintendo Switch sparked a lot of praise, although the specification of this host is not released, but there is no doubt that this new machine will determine the future of Nintendo shengsijie one important piece. In the world go to life and death) earnings decline of Nintendo is facing a huge crisis recently, Nintendo announced its September 30th semi annual report from April 1, 2016 to. Compared with the same period in 2015, Nintendo’s sales fell a lot. The results show that Nintendo’s sales for the past six months was $1 billion 300 million, compared with $1 billion 900 million last year, down by 33%. At the same time, Nintendo’s revenue also fell: half a year, Nintendo revenues of approximately $57 million, compared with $86 million in revenue last year, also dropped by nearly 33%, the overall operating loss of 5 billion 900 million yen (about $56 million 500 thousand). Nintendo announced earnings also issued a statement. The statement said that the main reason for the loss of the Nintendo Co this year and the yen appreciation. This year, the yen and the dollar exchange rate rose by about 14%, so Nintendo in the 2016 quarter of fiscal year second of foreign exchange losses of up to 4 billion 900 million yen (about $47 million). Earnings also referred to Nintendo’s next generation host Nintendo Switch. But taking into account the host is currently scheduled to be on sale in March 2017, it is difficult to make a substantial impact on the financial situation of Nintendo Co in a short time. But in the future, 3DS and WII U has been on sale for many years, although the new host Switch can not play a substantial effect in the short term, but it will profoundly determine the future of Nintendo’s life and death. (Nintendo’s recent earnings fell again) Switch Nintendo Switch to bring change, to solve such several pain points before the game equipment has high degree of unity and the contents of the first picture of the game, the host and the psp. At least for Nintendo, after may no longer have a console and handheld two product lines.相关的主题文章:

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