Cathay Pacific Fund Shen Kun won the partial shares of the fund stock – fund channel double champion 乃々果花

Cathay Pacific Fund Shen Kun won the stock stock fund champion – fund channel after the beginning of the fuse, the recent A-share A market in the first half despite wide shocks, but the overall level of active equity funds outperformed the broader market, highlighting the advantages of financial experts. Among them, Cathay Pacific Fund’s equity investment team member Alfa Jin Xin and Cathay Pacific Cathay partial shares mixed fund growth preferred two funds in the past 6 months, more than 26% rate of return, also won the title of similar funds. Worthy of attention from investors, two funds by Cathay Pacific Fund will be in charge of Shen Kun alone, the investment characteristics of the good attack and defend the market is gradually found. Significantly outperform the market index over the same period, Cathay Pacific Fund Shen Kun nei. According to WIND data show that as of September 21st, the last 6 months, the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index rose only 0.53%, while the management of Shen Kun Jin Xin and Cathay Pacific Cathay Pacific Growth preferred fund returns were 24.71% and 26.63%, while similar funds among the top. It is worth mentioning that, since April 26, 2016, in charge of Cathay Pacific Fund Jin Xin Shen Kun, his total return was 21.41%, not only greatly exceeded the benchmark return of 18.12%, and ranked first in the same 166 funds. Good at capturing the results really grow, make money market determined. In the investment style, Shen Kun rarely in the market for short-term game or hot pursuit, but more good grasp of the listed companies’ real growth, the growth performance of enterprises earn money, earn money to enhance the valuation results than expected. By investing in the real growth of the genes of the enterprise, in the uncertain market to make sure the money is a major feature of the fund manager Shen kun. Good performance not only from the fund manager’s outstanding stock picking and timing ability, but also from its outstanding level of risk control. In fact, as a female fund managers, compared to the attack, Shen Kun is better at defending. According to Morningstar data show that as of August 31st, Cathay Pacific preferred growth fund for three years to assess the risks of volatility and Morningstar risk belong to low in the same fund. A Senior Securities researcher said the fund, there is a comprehensive evaluation of the fund after the risk of excess return index SHARP index. The index is calculated by calculating the ratio of the average return of the fund over the risk-free return to its standard deviation. The higher the SHARP index, the higher the excess return on the unit risk. According to Morningstar data show that as of August 31st, Cathay Pacific Growth Fund preferred SHARP index was 0.9, the evaluation is. From the "new" to "champion", Shen Kun in less than two years. As a new fund manager, Shen Kun in April 2010 joined Cathay Pacific Fund, served as a researcher, assistant fund manager, has solid research knowledge. At the same time, the two funds to obtain excess income is also closely related to the Cathay Pacific Fund long-term commitment to build equity investment, Alfa clan investment philosophy. It is reported that, as one of the old ten fund companies, Cathay Pacific Fund has always been committed to the depth of the proceeds of the mining investment Alfa, for investors to pay higher than the market average return.相关的主题文章:

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