The number of people killed in the attack on the mosque in Pakistan rose to 36 people utc行家

Pakistan mosque attack the death toll rose to 36 people – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Islamabad (reporter Ji Wei) in September 17, Mohmand Pakistan SAR government announced that at 17, 36 people have been killed in a mosque in the area of the Dutch act bomb attack the day before, while at least 16 people were injured. The government of Mohmand agency said in a report the same day, in the past 24 hours, the 13 injured died in hospital, attack the death toll has risen to 36. In addition, at least 16 people are being treated in hospitals, many of whom are in critical condition. The report also said that 35 of the dead were under the age of 30, of whom 16 were children aged between 9 and 17. Pakistan Northwestern Mohmand agency at a mosque in 16 by the Dutch act bomber. Pakistan’s Taliban branch of the liberal party claims to have created the attack. Navid Akbar Mohmand agency officials told the media that the attack occurred in the Mohmand agency village mosque, when many people are Friday prayers, the attackers entered the mosque in the crowd detonated a bomb. Akbar said that the Palestinian security forces have been in the areas of martial law, and launched a manhunt.相关的主题文章:

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