Ministry of public security on the construction of China’s Views to curb the spread of religious ext 魔界骑士イングリッド

The Ministry of public security Chinese safe construction levy opinion: curb the spread of religious extremist ideas – Beijing, Beijing, August 30, the Ministry of public security recently issued the "13th Five-Year" peace "China construction plan" (draft). Draft proposed to improve the mechanism for safeguarding national political security, a strong blow to the subversive and separatist activities of the hostile forces to sabotage activities. We will resolutely curb the spread of religious extremist ideology and achieve social stability and long-term stability of the country. The draft pointed out that at present, China is in the crucial stage of reform and development during the transition period, influenced by various domestic and international factors, facing foreign safeguard national sovereignty, security and development interests, double pressure to maintain the political security and social stability, various social conflicts are intertwined, all kinds of risks more safe Chinese construction work situation is more severe and complicated. The draft proposes development goals include: to defend the national political security and state security and maintain social order situation, and strive to create a stable social environment, safety production comprehensive maintenance of grassroots social harmony and stability. Draft proposal, innovation and improve the three-dimensional social order prevention and control system. Including: promote the key parts of major risk prevention and control linkage, linkage linkage and important field of stability control control, enhance the linkage adjustment ability; scientific deployment of Street police force patrol mechanism to promote the standardization of construction work situation refers to the cruise integration mechanism, enhance the ability to meet the overall prevention and control agency. Draft also proposed to strengthen the basic system construction. Promote the construction of social credit code system with accurate and unique citizenship information. Explore the establishment of criminal record and social credit linked system. Draft proposed to improve the production safety accident risk prevention and control system. Including: increase production safety in the comprehensive management of social management evaluation system of weights, strict implementation of "one vote veto" system; the investigation and control of the potential risks of accidents lead to social stability; promote the dangerous chemicals, explosives, fireworks and other enterprises in the whole process of construction of information traceability system. To highlight the dangers of high dust and high toxic substances in the workplace to prevent and control, to control the high incidence of pneumoconiosis and occupational poisoning. Draft also proposed the implementation of urban safety risk source census, accelerate the relocation of dangerous chemicals and chemical enterprises in densely populated areas of the city. Strict examination and approval of large and centralized management activities. Draft also proposed the establishment of Beijing, Tianjin, Bohai, the Yangtze River economic belt, the Pan Pearl River Delta, land Silk Road and other areas of emergency rescue resources sharing and joint disposal mechanism. In addition, the draft proposed to improve the social organization service system. Play the role of professional social work, strengthen community corrections, drug rehabilitation, youth services, mental health, disaster relief and other areas of social professionals. Draft proposed in 2020 to promote the development of professional, social work, social work professionals reaching a total of 1 million 450 thousand people; to promote volunteer service, and strive to 2020, accounting for the proportion of the total number of registered volunteer residents reached 13%, volunteer service participation rate reached 20%.相关的主题文章:

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