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Safety anxiety has become the development of new energy automotive industry – level car Sohu recently, China hundreds of electric vehicle will be held on the theme of "security innovation lead" summer forum to discuss the security problems of electric vehicle industry and its future development. The focus of this forum is concerned with the electric vehicles or there might be a security risk, and how to improve the electric vehicle safety guarantee system; how to improve the electric vehicle industry related standards and testing system, to solve the quality problems existing in the marketing of products, to avoid accidents. New energy vehicles burning accidents in 2015 was called the first year of Chinese electric car market, the domestic electric vehicle market is the explosive growth of new energy vehicles, more than 1.5% year production and sales of automobiles. It also allows China to become the world’s largest consumer of new energy vehicles. In the first 7 months of this year, new energy vehicles production and sales were 215 thousand and 207 thousand, an increase of nearly twice as much as again. According to industry associations and institutions predict that this year’s sales of new energy vehicles may reach 500 thousand -70 million. At the same time, vehicles, batteries, motors and other key products have been basically achieved localization, some products have also achieved a lot of export. However, with the gradual fall of national policy incentive system, the industry generally aware, weak R & D capability test, key technology, reliability, electromagnetic compatibility and low power battery consistency control ability, low energy density, fuel cell industry chain is not complete, low temperature environment adaptability technology lag problems will become the biggest obstacle to the development of the new energy automotive industry in china. Especially the electric vehicle safety problems, has become a lie in industrial development on the first hurdle, and even determines the final success of the industry. It is understood that this year, 1-8 months, Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Zhuhai, Nanjing and other places have occurred 14 pure electric and hybrid passenger car combustion accident, caused widespread concern in the community. After investigation and analysis, most of the reasons for the failure of the battery technology, especially in the case of high temperature in the summer prone to thermal runaway battery problems. The reason is that part of the bus production enterprises in the new energy vehicles are in the battery, because supply exceeds demand, which led to the 20%-30% battery is not qualified. And the occurrence of such incidents, in addition to the owners will cause property or even life losses, but also to increase consumer safety and performance of new energy vehicles questioned and concerns, the impact of new energy vehicles to promote and develop. The Ministry will promote new energy product safety, in fact, the security problem of new energy vehicles has attracted great attention. In July 6th this year, Vice Premier Ma Kai in his personally chaired the new energy automotive industry development forum stressed, improve the new energy automotive safety, to grasp the five system construction: one is to strengthen the support system of security technology, the two is to establish a standard system of safety standards, the three is to strengthen the operation of the remote monitoring system four, is to improve the safety responsibility system, the five is to establish the system of safety regulations. Ministry of industry and information technology equipment industry secretary Li Dong said that the Ministry will be in accordance with the deployment of the State Council, give full play to energy conservation相关的主题文章:

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