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[dove] Huangqi Decoction to love yourself, love family and Sohu – every day, still alive, sleep, wake up, eat. When the mood is good, there are bad times, watching TV, surfing the Internet, learning, work. When you inadvertently review those days when the ordinary day in and day out, you will find it more or less will leave what. All can not go back to the days, are unparalleled in good time. [dove] Astragalus soup ingredients: dove, astragalus, Chinese wolfberry; steps: 1, dove please store after treatment, chop into small pieces, rinse with water, soak for a while, to filter the blood; cold water pot, boil water, cook for one or two minutes, remove dove meat, in the flow of the warm water rushed to the floating foam, drain; 2, Astragalus 3-4, medlar 7-8 grain, wash wash;; 3, electric cooker or health pot, put in the dove meat, add appropriate amount of water, add Astragalus, simmer for an hour or so, turn off the heat, add soup with medlar, the high temperature will soak medlar soup; not hot mouth, add salt to taste, can be eaten. Language: 1, sesame soup can also add red dates and dates; 2, dove can also be whole stew; 3, medicinal herbs can replace Radix Codonopsis, Angelica; suggestions according to their own constitution, consult doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. Astragalus roots are derived from the dried roots of Astragalus membranaceus or Astragalus membranaceus in Inner Mongolia. The Qing Dynasty palace embroidery called "Qi herbs most, people have also spread the" drunk Huangqi decoction, disease prevention and health "jingle, which means that often Astragalus Astragalus decoction or water instead of tea, with good health care effect. Astragalus and ginseng are good medicine, ginseng emphasis on nourishing vitality, Yang deficiency, commonly used in the collapse, shock and other emergencies, good effect. The tonic Astragalus Zeyi mainly used in the body, falling into decline, weak, thready pulse powerless speech. It is easy for some people to change once the weather cold, Chinese medicine called "table is not solid, available to Huangqi Gubiao, often take Huangqi can avoid frequent colds. The effect of Huangqi is very powerful, with Qi solid form and diuresis detumescence, Tuodu pus, myogenic effect, enhance immune function, enhance hematopoietic function. To improve the metabolism of substance, enhance the function of gonad, resist stress and delay senility. Huangqi also has a strong heart, regulating blood pressure, viral myocarditis, liver protection, anti ulcer effect. Log me: 1020, [dove], [0326 Dictyophora soup steamed chicken feet] 20131010, angelica and Astragalus angelica and Astragalus [tea]相关的主题文章:

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