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Totoro appeared attractive game screen movie "Totoro" is directed by Japanese animation master Hayao Miyazaki’s animated film, the film released by the world of fans. I think many fans remember the beautiful scenes in the movie. Just recently, the foreign team to "Totoro" and "my world" combined to create a special "Totoro version of my world". This "Totoro version of my world" (My Neighbor Totoro in Minecraft) is a work published by Alan Becker, rely on many foreign strong spending a lot of time to build out a spectacular game in the world. In order to recreate the world of the film, a total of 50 people were invited, and it took 6 months to complete. With so much manpower and material resources, the game scene is very delicate and realistic. From the contrast of the picture, I believe you will find that the scene is very high degree of reduction. Whether it’s the animation of farmland, schools, houses, or interior decoration are very similar, it is really very hard to make out.

龙猫现身游戏画面 电影魅力不减《龙猫》是由日本动画大师宫崎骏执导的动画电影,该电影上映之后受到了世界影迷的喜爱。想必不少粉丝们都还记得电影中优美的场景吧。最近就有国外团队把《龙猫》与《我的世界》相结合,创造了一个特别的 “龙猫版我的世界”。 这款“龙猫版我的世界”(My Neighbor Totoro in Minecraft)是由 Alan Becker发表的一个作品,依靠了许多国外强者耗费多时打造出来的壮观游戏世界。为了完美重现电影中的世界,总共请到了50人左右的团队并且耗时6个月才得以完成。投入了如此多的人力物力, 游戏场景果然异常精致逼真。 从画面的对比中,相信大家就会发现场景的还原度相当高。不管是动画里面的农田、学校、房屋,还是房间内部的装饰都十分相似,的确是非常用心才能制作出来。相关的主题文章:

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