Riding Towards The European Standard-小坂めぐる

Customer Service If you have ever jumped the pond, you would immediately see a change in how the natives transport. Being an American, I am used to large .fy sedans and large gas guzzling trucks. Everything is bigger in America and although this can be great and .fortable, there will be a time that we must really start paying attention to our lifestyle. Back in the day when I was a college student everyone would use their bikes as their means of transportation. It was great! Lots of friends stayed healthy and lean because of the physical effort it takes to ride a bike. It felt like Europe. There is no doubt that cars are getting more efficient and the USA is starting to pay attention to the glutinous ways of our wasteful vehicles, but this is only a reaction to the raising gas prices and knowledge of diminishing Fossil Fuels. All this has made me realize that there is an opportunity to bring a renewed form of transportation to USA and soon, the world. In 2009 Helio Motor Bikes was envisioned when I was skating around the internet and found that there are many types of motorized bicycles all over the world. I knew about the Whizzer but there was a new style of bike that was cheap and got 120+mpg. I was very interested so I bought different motorized kits and started to make an impact in my college town. First impressions of the 2 stroke Motorized Bicycles were CHEAP to say the least. Scientifically the nature of the 2 stroke motor is very rough. Heat and vibration was the biggest issue of these motors. After 30 minutes of riding, your power would drop significantly due to heat and parts would start to fall off due to vibration. I was tired of dealing with these issues and almost dropped the whole business/project. Then I found what I really wanted: the 49cc four stroke motor. Not only is the 4 Stroke Bicycle engine better, it is less noisy and more efficient. Once I found this, I was confident that I could make a business. Today our motorized bikes are beginning to be the standard of a new movement. We have spent countless hours on new systems that WORK together to make a reliable 150-250 MPG machine. Lately we have introduced 2 new bikes to our lineup: The Subaru Robin Series and the Honda FX50. The big deal about these bikes is the Helio system. This system consists of an aluminum gas tank under the motor mount plate. This makes the ride more .fortable and the center of gravity lower. Also the Motor Plate is welded to the frame to ensure reliability. These bikes also .e standard with front hydraulic disc brakes, USA made gearbox and a custom rear wheel adapter to ensure concentricity and adjustability. Starting at $1999 these motorize bike are a way to get around your town or the city. The savings in fuel cost pays for the bike in 2 years or less! Europe here we .e! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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