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Customer Service If we havent managed to convince you as to how much of a great idea Thingz storage solutions really are, this blog post could give you some nifty ideas as to how our service can be used. First of all, what is Thingz? Thingz is a quick and easy Box Storage solution. We deliver you our (empty) boxes, you send them back to us full of whatever rubbish youd like to store (or maybe it isn’t rubbish – whatever, don’t get too offended), and we keep them safe in our super top secret warehouse for up to a year. You can then choose to have your junk sent back at any time. Bosh. What can it be used for? You can store whatever you like with us, as long as it isnt illegal, living, edible, toxic, precious or a mix of all 5. Stuck for ideas? Here some we’ve thought of ourselves! Bit of a fashionista? We can help. If your living space or wardrobe (hopefully your wardrobe isnt your living space) is chock full of clothes that you swear youll wear soon, or shoes you definitely dont regret buying, consider Thingz as a solution! Send your much-loved (?) clothes to use and store them for up to a year. We can get them back to you within a few days if you change your mind, you hoarder, you. Surrounded by hand me downs? If you have kids (poor thing) or youre part of a larger family, you can sometimes be stuck with stuff that youre planning to hand down to younger generations, be it clothes or Dad’s super cool rock music collection. Until youre ready to part ways with them, why not leave them with us? Collector or two in the family? If youve racked up a bit of a collection – magazines, for example – thats not leaving any room for more important things, we could give you a hand. If you can bear to part with some of your collection, send it to us and we can keep it safe until you find some more room. Stuck for space? If youre living it up (on a budget) in a big city, it can be tricky to find an affordable home that also offers a lot of space. Send any unnecessary gear our way, and well take care of it. THOSE drawers. We all have one. Its full of stuff we never use, but may need at ANY GIVEN SECOND. If youre feeling a bit wild, send some of it our way, and make room for more useless junk. Or not-so-useless junk that actually isn’t junk at all, but is genuinely valued stuff… sorry again. Still not convinced? Find out more please visit us our website to discover why your thingz really are safest with Thingz!! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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