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8+1:   dialogue drive innovation; green transformation   beautiful Ji’an – environmental protection – people.com.cn September 29th afternoon, a large TV chat show "8+1 dialogue, innovation driven transformation of green beautiful Ji’an" held in Ji’an city in Jilin province. By the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the State Department counselor Tang Shouzheng, Chinese famous tenor, vocal educator, national level actors Li Shuangjiang Yang Chao, director of Forest Park Management Office of the State Forestry Administration, State Forestry Bureau Economic Development Research Center, former director, Professor Li Zu, director of research, research and promotion of Hu Kanping Chinese ecological civilization, Jilin Provincial Forestry Department deputy inspector Sun Yaqiang, Jilin investment group Party Secretary Chen Xi, deputy secretary of the CPC Ji’an Municipal Committee, acting mayor Yang Wenhui and other leaders of 8 experts of the guest team, with the famous director Liu Dongdong on the "innovation driven transformation of green beautiful Ji’an theme of discussion. The famous CCTV host Liu Dongdong large TV chat show "8+1 dialogue" is an important part of the green China large-scale public welfare activities, aims to promote ecological civilization, spread the green idea, build a beautiful China, the typical experience of the construction of ecological civilization in the propaganda and law, focusing on beautiful scenery is the Gold Mountain scientific judgment, through the guidance of the host and 7 leading experts from the reality to the height of theory analysis, and ultimately achieve path, thought, practice and effect of summarizing the demonstration significance from the concept and operation experience and practice of ecological civilization construction in other regions. In recent years, Ji’an city in accordance with the Jilin provincial government to promote the transformation of green development strategy, vigorously implement the "ecological city strategy, ecological environmental protection work included in the National People’s Congress a bill, strict project EIA approval mark, scientific delineation of ecological protection red, to crack down on illegal sand mining, illegal sewage, deforestation, ginseng the chaos of arbitrary arrest and other illegal activities, the city’s ecological protection and construction of significant effect. The Jilin investment group Party Secretary Chen Xi, at present, Ji’an City yuan added value of energy consumption fell by an annual average of 4%, industrial pollutant emissions compliance rate of 100%, through the river source of drinking water meets the national surface water quality standard of two years, the air environmental quality good days more than 330 days. Efforts to promote ecological afforestation and urban greening and beautification projects, and gradually stop commercial logging of natural forests, afforestation completed 8385 hectares, forest coverage rate of up to 82.16%. Create work around the national ecological civilization construction demonstration city, vigorously promote the construction of Ecological Village Town, has created a national ecological town 2, Provincial Ecological Town Village 7, the completion of the national key ecological function areas of the early reporting. Ji’an has been named the National Garden City, the National Nature Reserve, the provincial eco city, the king tide Wetland Park was named the National Wetland Park (pilot). In recent years, Ji’an city based on the unique advantages in resources, focus on the national health industry to create a demonstration area, the construction of high quality grapes, ginseng, Schisandra and other industrial base, and actively promote the deep processing of resources, speed up the leading enterprises, brand characteristics and market construction, features industry rapid development momentum. The former director of the State Forestry Administration Research Center Li zujiao in recent years, China’s forest tourism in Fangxing)相关的主题文章:

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