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Challenge to the joint venture A-class car, who will lead the independent brand? Sohu car in the past two years, with the rapid growth of SUV, many car companies, especially the independent brands have turned their attention to the SUV market. But only a few years ago, the A-class car market is the same as the current SUV market, own brand car enterprises is a hotly contested spot. The A-class car market competition, price is very difficult to impress the market with the A-class car market growth space compression, and dropping on the joint venture brand car prices, resulting in gradually intensified competition. According to the China Automotive Industry Association statistics show that the first half of this year A-class car market sales ranked ten, has not seen the shadow of their own brand models. For many reasons, in addition to the independent brands have focused on SUV vehicles, small series that is mainly because the income level increases, the rapid growth of the pan 90 consumer groups, the vehicle quality and quality requirements are also rising. Poor quality, low quality, high rate of complaints to the independent brand models can’t do anything, ever rely on low-cost access to this market segment strategy has been difficult and the joint venture brand direct contest. Despite fierce competition, but not throughout the A-class car The whole army was wiped out., independent city, only Changan to escape, Geely with reliable product quality and superior quality still struggle with the joint venture vehicle, and consumers have a good reputation, and its brand image is also rising, and was more and more consumer acceptance. Among them, Changan to escape the decline in the overall market environment, still blitz by consumers, long-term leading independent A-class car market, the 27 consecutive month sales of over 10000, the accumulation has more than 500 thousand users, not only created the "Changan miracle", let us see the own brand A-class sedan and quality strength. Zaizhan joint models, new escape lead Changan to escape the melee wolves can gain a firm foothold in the A-class car market, and to achieve such good results, is the consumer to escape trust dynamic product quality and quality, is more of the Changan brand recognition. However, has been listed for more than 5 years to escape into the end of the product life cycle, the end of July the new escape fully upgraded version of the new car market, three new hatchback escape and escape XT a total of 10 models, the price of the price range of 80 thousand and 900 -9.79 million. Cancel the minimum version of the model, is the biggest highlight of the new escape movement. Fully upgrade a variety of configurations, once again enhance the quality of the first to lead independent models to challenge the joint venture brands. The new escape can jump out of their own brand cars in the "price" of this hurdle, with the quality of implementation of Changan automobile brand to break up? Xiao Bian believes that in terms of product quality and quality, the new Yi move with this strength. Even the lowest allocation of 80 thousand and 900 models, the overall configuration and performance has reached or even exceeded the level of joint venture brand level. It is understood that the new listing of the new escape in power, chassis, NVH technology upgrades, many aspects of appearance, interior quality, ride comfort, intelligence, security also achieved improved. In terms of power, the new Yi move with Changan car.相关的主题文章:

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