A father of two daughters carry Rong waded into the water to catch EMU home road water 40 cm widcomm

A father of two daughters carry Rong waded into the water to catch EMU home water 40 cm more difficult to go home to celebrate the festival, father holding two children wade water channel network September 16th hearing (Haidu reporter Wu Zhenwen Huang Qipeng) to take the 12:16 train back to Nanping with his family, a family of four Xiaodeng yesterday morning 9 when starting to catch the train station. "We live in the vicinity of Taijiang Wanda, along the way are stagnant water, taxi drivers with us detour." Deng’s wife, Wen said, when the car arrives near Jinji mountain tunnel near the north side and when they found the tunnel for traffic control, not running. The train station is right in front of you, we want to waste time to go faster than a detour." Xiao Wen said that she was holding two daughters, her husband carrying large bags of luggage, all the way to the railway station to walk. When they walk through the Jinji mountain tunnel, came to the nearby north east bus station, the road ahead appeared about 40 cm deep water, Deng had to let his wife standing on the roadside and looking at a pile of luggage, he picked up two children, Wade through. Our reporters followed Xiaodeng together on foot through the water area. This section of the water section of about 200 meters long, Xiaodeng children will take over, and back to the original small temperature zone. When a family of four people came to trot at the train station, is the 12 head. "Well, we caught up."相关的主题文章:

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