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After the baby is born, these 3 things must be understood – Sohu maternal and child Baby after birth, these 3 things must be understood for the baby, before the birth of his mother to take care of him is very much. During pregnancy, the number of children to the hospital with her mother will be more than any of the following year. Perhaps you have had some communication with your doctor before you make your product, and you have some specific questions. For example, when a child physical examination, with the child need to pay attention to what, etc.. But there are 3 things that moms must know. 1 after the baby is born how to care in most cases, the baby’s first inspection is done in the hospital nursery. Check the contents include: neonatal height, weight and head circumference; body temperature, respiratory frequency and heart rate; in addition, the doctors and nurses will monitor neonatal skin color and activities; according to the condition of the fetus, the fetus will give injections of vitamins, may prevent bleeding. When the nurse gives the baby a bath, will clean the umbilical cord stump. Will inform the new parents of baby care knowledge, such as how to breastfeed, bath, etc.. 2 see a doctor in the baby within 24 hours of birth, the doctor will do a free inspection of the baby. At this time, you can consult a doctor about infant care knowledge. After the baby is born, the doctor will draw blood for the baby. Because the baby’s blood sample is an important basis for the diagnosis of babies born with a variety of diseases, help to carry out timely treatment. 3-5 days after birth need to go to the hospital for a check. If the baby is born less than 48 hours to go home, the doctor will advise parents to take the baby to the hospital within 48 hours after the home inspection. 3 for the first time when you take a baby to the hospital for the first time, the doctor will do a full examination of the baby. Different medical examination items will be different. But the measurement of height, weight and head circumference, assessment in the postnatal development of what needs to be done. In addition, vision, hearing and reflexes are also measured. And ask how you take care of your baby in your life, as well as your baby’s diet and sleep. In addition, if the baby’s blood test results came out, the doctor will discuss the situation with your baby, and tell you how to care for the baby in the late, when the hospital to inject vaccine, etc.. The above information hope the new mothers do not forget, to the health of your baby, the baby is born before you should know more about nursing knowledge, after the baby is born to be able to give him the most meticulous care.   相关的主题文章:

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