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Arts-and-Entertainment They often use their middle names and not their forename. Their earlier musical style was more Southern rock and blues but they went on to become more alternative rock and arena rock which can be heard in their current music today. They first achieved big success in the UK with 9 top 40 singles, two BRITS in 2008 and all three of their albums in the top 5 of the UK chart. A huge fan base was now present there and across other countries around the world. The band have released five different albums in total. The first one was in 2003 and called Youth and Young Manhood, the next was Aha Shake Heartbreak the following year, then Because of the Times in 2007, and Only by the Night in 2008. The most recent Kings Of Leon album is Come Around Sundown in 2010 and was first released in the Republic of Ireland, Australia and Germany followed by the UK and then North America. It hit the number one chart space in Australia, Austria, Belgium (Flanders), Canada, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland and the UK. Here, it sold 183,000 in the first week plus breaking the record for biggest first week digital album sales of 49000 downloads. Because of these amazing figures it became the 11th biggest selling album of 2010 in the UK with a total sales number of 694,300. The latest album includes the songs The End, Radioactive, Pyro, Mary, The Face, The Immortals, Back Down South, Beach Side, No Money, Pony Up, Birthday, Mi Amigo and Pickup Truck. Pyro and Radioactive where singles released from that album. There are also Deluxe and Japanese editions available as well as an iTunes extended version. It became Platinum awarded in Australia, Europe, Canada, Poland, New Zealand and Gold in Germany so was highly liked all around the world. The Kings Of Leons Concert Tickets is electric with the full band and a massive screaming crowd so the atmosphere will definitely be living and intense. You wont be disappointed while you sing and dance along to all their latest hits plus some of their newser or less well known songs from other albums. Make sure you buy your tickets as soon as possible when they go on sale as they tend to sell out very quickly and the best seats go first of course. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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