Another Tiguan X7 hanteng contrast Harvard H6 (video) ca1834

Another "Tiguan" X7 hanteng HAF H6 HAF H6 contrast (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) as the domestic market the most popular models, has repeatedly encountered other products of the Tiguan, but ultimately these models to come to challenge failed. As the saying goes, fearless, many new models of recent birth has become explosive ambition, three days before the listing of X7 hanteng is such a strong "tiguan". Today we are going to compare these two models to see how they have their own competitiveness. A combination of the price comparison models two models compared with Audi is BMW X7 hanteng hanteng X7 manual flagship and hover H6 upgraded version of the manual two drive distinguished type, two were manual models of their 1.5T cars in the top. The difference is that the former is used 5 block manual, while the latter is the 6 block manual. Two car prices, the price of 109 thousand and 800 yuan and 114 thousand and 800 yuan respectively, Harvard H6 terminal sales prices generally 4 thousand yuan of preferential quota, therefore, the actual price of two models are basically the same. The eyes of two models of the core quality hanteng as a new brand, in the vehicle development and maturity, is not necessarily the Harvard opponent. Therefore, hanteng is also very direct with the "importive", the 1.5T engine is SAIC’s 2.0T engine is Shenhang MITSUBISHI chassis, is Britain’s Mira responsible for the adjustment of the. But the contrast with static parts of two vehicles, the dynamic part of the X7 interested friends please click here: on the path of "senior" Optima SUV X7 X7 hanteng hanteng then the richest places where? I think the configuration is obviously the most confident, body size at the same level also is a "big". Today we take contrast to the Harvard H6 upgrade version, X7 hanteng in body size data beyond the H6, it can also get a lot of "big is beautiful" domestic consumers. Harvard H6 compared to more mature, whether power assembly, production platform or dealer network coverage is quite well developed. There is no obvious short board is its biggest advantage, but on the other hand, more moderate design also makes H6 not too many bright spot. Although the dynamic parameters of different models, but the two 1.5T engine dynamic parameters are almost the same. Dragonrise X7 maximum power of 109.8 kilowatts, the maximum torque of 215 nm; Harvard H6 these two data were 110 kW and 210 nm. Slightly different is that the X7 engine cylinder is cast iron and H6 is aluminum material. The external configuration comparison external configuration differences between vehicle configuration hanteng X7 1.5T manual flagship hover H6 upgraded version of the 1.5T manual two drive distinguished type panoramic sunroof electric tailgate – – – – the high beam xenon halogen lamp xenon halogen daytime lamp – – rim size 23565 R17225 65 R17 electric rearview mirror heating – – – – after rear privacy glass suspension type multi link independent suspension with double wishbone suspension injection: " – ");相关的主题文章:

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