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Hardware As usual, LCD screen is the most important device of the laptop. Like this 8.9 inches Asus 900 LCD screen , its small but very expensive. Its known that the LCD screen is very vulnerable, comparing with the ac adapter, the keyboard and the battery. Then there are more notices we should follow. And the top problem is the aging. Its really terrible if the LCD screen got aged. But its inevitable to get aged. However, we can postponed the time and keep the screen work for longer time. Its one of the most dedicated parts of the laptop. The cost of laptop LCD screen is no less than one third of the entire laptop. You can see how essential to maintain the laptop screen. As this Asus 900 LCD screen , I have used it for two years. And now it cant display well. The after-sales officer said that its the aging problem. Generally, with prolonged use of laptop, the Asus 900 LCD screen s brightness dimmed. It took on a yellowish look, which is the common phenomenon of the display aging indication. This phenomenon is normal, but the aging rate is the most important thing that we should concern about. The aging rate is tightly connected with the time that we use it. I frequently watched movies on my laptop. That is one reason why my Asus 900 LCD screen has so quickly got retired. Current laptops have the saving model. It can help the laptop save electricity and protect the LCD screen while you are leaving. In addition, special care for the LCD screen is indispensible. First, dont point to the screen with your finger. Second, keep water, oil and other liquid away from the screen. Third, have the screen tidy every week. Are you still worry about the aging problem of your LCD screen Have you ever taken any steps to protect your laptop display? Its better to show more interest in the protection work instead of enjoy the convenience offered by the laptop. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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