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Autumn confinement eat fruit can be tonic – Sohu maternal confinement in autumn should pay attention to what? A slight coolness makes people feel comfortable. So this time the production of mothers, postpartum to keep warm Oh! And can fill the body to eat fruit Oh! The next look at autumn confinement note. In the autumn the birth of a baby after confinement can be different from the general month, especially in late summer and early autumn weather repeatedly so, more attention should be paid to good windproof work, teach you the following autumn confinement note. The autumn harvest season and confinement fill the body second benefits "confinement" autumn is the harvest season, fresh market varieties rich in all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Among the leafy green vegetables of autumn, the most famous ones are spinach and cabbage. Spinach is rich in folic acid and zinc, and cabbage is a good source of calcium. If you can guarantee every month, eat a Vegetable Salad market, but it is the best. Cabbage, onion, tomato, red and yellow pepper and cucumber, add salt and olive oil. A little, not only can promote appetite, can satisfy the lactation mother a day for most of the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, contribute to maternal mild tonic, body as soon as possible. Is confinement mothers can be appropriate to eat wild herbs. Because the nutrient rich compared with wild herbs, vegetables, 20% high protein, mineral content is also. The bracken as an example, the content of iron, carotene and vitamin C were 13 times, Chinese cabbage 1.6 times and 8 times. And Ma Lan, iron content is 30 times the size of an apple, is an orange of the 10 times. There are many kinds of nuts harvested in autumn, such as peanuts, chestnuts, walnuts and so on. Fat is essential to the health of postpartum women and to ensure the quality of milk, experts recommend that every day to eat some nuts, you can use them in unsaturated fats, instead of fat and fat in meat. However, due to the high heat and fat content of nuts, the daily intake of not more than 28 grams. Autumn is the harvest season. New mothers can let the family purchase some new soybean harvest, made Soybean Milk drinking every day. Compared with the other seasons, the content of protein and trace elements in the new soybean in autumn is rich. With the fall of the new yam pot pot. Help to improve maternal appetite, not only can play the air Jianpi Qingwei along the intestine, blood and blood and kidney function. Can improve the maternal blood deficiency symptoms, promote the rapid discharge of toxins. Autumn autumn confinement confinement precautions should pay attention to the wind of autumn climate be the most changeful, sometimes hot and sometimes cold, many women can not help but open air blowing cooling is susceptible to cold, in the autumn, a ventilation window is also possible, but be careful not to direct wind blowing head, especially to avoid the doors and windows open can, can be in one direction open the doors and windows, the windows closed, if the wind is strong, is lying in the living room so as not to try not to open the window by the wind. In addition, some of the people affected by the traditional "cover" confinement concept, many mothers to avoid catching cold, often closed the doors and windows also covered with a thick quilt, which seriously hampered the temperature and easy.相关的主题文章:

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