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Because of the family conflict Anhui man festival climb 20 meters high suicide – Beijing Sichuan Chengdu news network September 17th news (reporter Liang Peng Ren Yong Qing jeehao) today (17) days of the Mid Autumn Festival, the last day of a small holiday, Anhui Ji guy Sohn for life is not smooth, then climbed up the Avenue the new bridge in Chengdu District of Wenjiang city official to jump the river to commit suicide, persuaded by the local police station and fire brigade nearly four hours, the man finally dispel the idea of suicide, down a 20 meter high bridge. 7:16 this morning, Wenjiang Haike Park Fire squadron received calls, said the new official rainbow bridge a man to commit suicide. Immediately, 6 firefighters immediately carrying rescue equipment to rescue. After arriving at the scene, the rescue team found that in the arch of the bridge building side, a man with his hands to seize the railing, the whole body is supported by the railings outside the building. The man standing away from the road about 20 meters, the bridge is the official. According to reports, the man climbed to the top of the rainbow bridge for nearly half an hour, and the police communicate with him to persuade the fruitless stalemate. The rainbow bridge is only one way to the top, can not be forced to take him away from the danger zone, the fire brigade had to talk with a man from work and life to the family, to give up the idea of suicide. Man’s behavior attracted a lot of people gathered in the past onlookers. Just calm man felt lost face, squatting in the top of the bridge does not let the camera, to rescue workers made a request to put all the vehicles and personnel to evacuate his own. Under the command of the police persuasion, the scene of the masses and vehicles left the bridge, the man clutching his face slowly walked down. According to the rescue team after understanding the man is Anhui people, because the economy is relatively tight reason plus a few days ago, the occurrence of conflicts with his wife, let Sohn feel that life is meaningless, they intend to jump the river to commit suicide, but fortunately after the rescue team and the police to prevent the tragedy bitter persuasion. Currently, Sohn has returned home.相关的主题文章:

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