Beijing – in the district administration of the former Secretary bribery 1 million 360 thousand jail jslottery

District Administration of former director of bribery 1 million 360 thousand jailed for Hainan – Five Fingers Group natural reserve Beijing newspaper news (reporter Li Xuanfu) District Authority original Secretary Han Zhiyong use of his office in Five Fingers Group National Nature Reserve in Hainan Province, for the benefit of others, repeatedly accepting other people’s property totaling 1 million 360 thousand yuan. Recently, the Hainan first intermediate people’s Court of first instance verdict on Han Zhiyong bribery, bribery and sentenced him to five years in prison and fined $450 thousand. It is reported that in 2009, chairman and general manager, deputy director of the Hainan Forestry Project Management Office of Hainan, Han Zhiyong will be planning a planning company "B forestry investigation and planning design certificate" to a Hainan forestry planning and design company. After the event, in order to express gratitude, Wang, deputy manager of the company gave Han Zhiyong 140 thousand yuan in cash. May 2012, Han Zhiyong served as director of Hainan Five Fingers Group nature reserve, Party secretary. In October of the same year, individual construction owner Wu won the bid for the construction of the Five Fingers Group administration business complex building (renovation) project. In the process of construction, the Han Zhiyong approval, a total of 1 million 670 thousand yuan. Due to financial difficulties, after consultation, reserve administration with a comprehensive building for 40 years the right to use discount compensation projects. After the transfer, Wu received 3 million 366 thousand yuan project. In order to thank Han Zhiyong to raise funds in the project, audit, finance and other aspects of help, Wu gave a total of 600 thousand yuan in cash, Han Zhiyong. The court also found that the transfer of the right to use the housing authority and the housing project has been accepted by the employer Han Zhiyong individual building owners, a total of 620 thousand yuan in cash. Hainan Province, the first intermediate court held that Han Zhiyong as national staff, the use of his office, for the benefit of others, many others illegally charged property totaling 1 million 360 thousand yuan, a huge amount, his behavior constituted bribery. In view of Han Zhiyong after appearing in court truthfully confessed his crimes, take the initiative to explain the other heavy similar crimes prosecutors have not yet mastered, and has submitted a written confession, repentance, can be given a lighter punishment according to law. Han Zhiyong’s family on behalf of the initiative to pay back the money 560 thousand yuan and a car, is actively ill gotten gains. Accordingly, the Hainan first intermediate people’s court made the decision in accordance with the law. After the first instance verdict, Han Zhiyong pleaded guilty to suit, not appeal.相关的主题文章:

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