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Beijing property market who is the next disk?   investment from " to " " Jingdong; " real estate — original title: central Beijing property market who is then set man? The investment from Jingdong " " to " " central Beijing property market who is then set man investment from the "Jingdong" to "south" in Beijing, the average price has a suite of more than 5 million yuan, plus limited purchase policy, the central Beijing property market has not only become just need to live outside the choice. Is the investment investment target, they hope to catch the Beijing big seven ring on the train. Yanjiao: the price advantage of the gradual loss of last year, Beijing city center was officially released, close to Tongzhou Yanjiao property market ushered in a round of skyrocketing. A year ago, the market still exclaimed prices rose to 15000 yuan per square meter; now, not only the new site opened, but most of the second-hand housing prices more than 23000 yuan per square meter, individual houses and even encroaching 30 thousand yuan square meters. Yanjiao, Beijing in the past is to undertake the housing needs of the spillover, and now prices have experienced more than one round of continuous rise, the rapid rise in investment demand. In the case of new supply Duandun, originally a very illiquid second-hand housing market began to perk up. Yanjiao has a lot of investors. 2014 years ago, a lot of owners living in Beijing because of the city, it directly to the key to us, but then a month also can not see a few households. Now it is not the same as last week, we store several sets of transactions." Yanjiao, a real estate broker told the Beijing Morning Post reporter, now the supply of new houses in the region rarely, in the sale of the property for 70 years the new project may be less than 3, even if there are new items in the sale, the introduction of the housing is not much. Yanjiao housing prices have broken 20 thousand, ran to the end of the so-called $1 million home Jingdong era has gone away, 30 thousand. The average price of Yanjiao a year rose by nearly 70%, a single set price has three million. However, compared to other regions of Yanjiao and Beijing, the facilities are relatively mature, since people just need to live more, sell more easily. Just do not know how much room to rise, do not dare to venture investment." Ms. Chan worried about the public, may mean that, in the eyes of investors, Yanjiao’s price advantage has gradually lost. Xianghe: marketing routine intensified real panic last year with the Yanjiao fire up, and Dachang and Xianghe, the three places, collectively referred to as the "North county". In recent years, manufacturers prices towards 20 thousand, Xianghe prices from less than 7000 yuan per square meter straight to 13000 yuan square meters. Dachang and Yanjiao, the new disc projects less and less; Xianghe project opened, the sales offices on the "full" scene. When the last time it was only more than 6 thousand, now all of the 13000, and some have a plate of 15000, regret not to buy ah." Members of the public recently saw a sales circle of friends in the circle of information, said, then the internal notice, Xianghe prices from 20 to 22, the overall increase of $1000 per square meter, from fragrant)相关的主题文章:

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