Beijing – VIDEO – a Haikou restaurant out of tricks cars wear bikinis single point dish liuxiaobo

Beijing – VIDEO – a Haikou restaurant out of tricks: cars wear bikinis at single dish [comment] of a restaurant in Haikou city recently out of tricks to attract diners, 2 cars die dressed in bikinis, shuttle single, end dish service for diners in the restaurant. The evening of August 28th, the reporter walked into the restaurant, diners are full, a hand of Sax in the stage play melodious music, two models dressed in bikinis, the shuttle in the restaurant, together with other diners for service attendant. According to the restaurant owner red, restaurant, delicacy of wine and beauty and music combine to make a gimmick, let customers have a different feeling. This car is his friend, was told they model the idea of serving for the guests dressed in bikinis, they would like to try the restaurant. It is understood that the restaurant’s main barbecue. But the sun said, from the seven or eight day of work time. Well, now this gimmick did not bring a great sensation, diners with the previous year. The same period [] (the owner of the restaurant I think they need sun) for a period of time, we can bring some tourists to, now so far is some heard, how beautiful this restaurant is going to serve, there is beauty to do the waiter very strange, very offbeat, they just heard this news, feel very curiosity may, over time I have to look at, I also go to taste delicious, see the beauty, because this time is more open, this pattern in the West have. [interpretation] in the restaurant dining Mr. Meng believes that this approach is more innovative, feel good, can give customers a different experience. [the same period] (customer Meng) I think this comparison is innovative, and then I think it’s okay, can give the male customers some special surprise. Reporter Li Yufan Haikou reported相关的主题文章:

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