BMW hit and hit golf fled after the new network – Maserati zibba

BMW hit and hit golf fled after the new network – the Maserati hit about 1000000 yuan did not hit BMW golf, run time and hit the Maserati Maserati car damage up to one million yuan, BMW car driver escaped after the accident BMW car hit Maserati / reporter Ding Fenglinwen figure Washington originally was a slight collision accident. BMW has accelerated trying to escape, knocked the golf car closely behind chasing. In a panic, a BMW car and bumped into a value of about 2000000 yuan Martha Lahti car, Martha Lahti was almost scrapped, estimated loss of up to one million yuan. BMW driver after the escape, the two victims of the car drivers are referring to the owner of the driver suspected of drunk driving, the current Zhengzhou traffic police brigade has launched an investigation of the accident, and urged the four carriages to surrender as soon as possible. [scene] BMW car hit golf to escape, and hit the Maserati in November 1st at 2 pm, the crash site is located in the west to the East Longhai elevated direction of the two layer, the future road near hashiguchi. The scene shows a suspension of Henan N (Shangqiu city) license black BMW car parked in front of the middle of the road cross, right in front of severely damaged in the collision, the car airbags fully open, the left side of the body and a red Martha Lahti car crowded together, the body deformation, the viaduct pier beside the door. Left traces of friction long. The Maserati car engine parts was badly damaged, hood up, car airbags are all open. In front of about ten meters in front of the car, parked a white volkswagen golf car, the right side of the car collision damage, damage to the door, tail lights fall two. "They were racing, we walk in the normal, two handlebar we clip to the middle, hit into this." Martha Lahti is the owner of a lady, she said he was involved in an accident rather baffling, very grievance, her Martha Lahti on the "net price 1 million 900 thousand yuan, down about 2000000 yuan, the whole car" have been hit, the maintenance cost is about 100 million, "the car almost scrapped". "Not too fast, BMW is hit by a car I want to run after me out." Golf owners Ms. Lee said that the incident in the vicinity of the Longhai Road and College Road intersection, "I normally travel at that time, BMW car driver hit from behind me, and then accelerate the run, I chased him, I repeatedly motioned for him to pull over, but he did not stop." Ms. Lee said, she walked along the Longhai Road Viaduct to here, she saw the BMW car brakes violently, she hurried past from side to side overtaking, parked on the roadside, then BMW car bumped into Martha Lahti, then again hit her car. Is the BMW car drivers who have obvious taste after the incident, Ms. Lee opened the door to see BMW, BMW car driver is a more than and 20 year old man, "dizzy, who have alcohol, the state is not clear off, had nothing to say on the run." Lee and Martha Lahti owners have stepped forward to stop, but failed to stop the other side. Martha Lahti also pointed out that the owners, the BMW car drivers who have significant alcohol, should belong to drunk driving. BMW driver fled the process, Ms. Lee’s friend相关的主题文章:

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