BYD cloud track officially opened Wang Chuanfu said at least a BYD

BYD officially opened the "cloud track" Wang Chuanfu said at least recreating a BYD hot column capital flows thousand thousand shares on stock diagnosis the latest rating simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn will always let you find the Securities Times reporter Zhou Shaojie October 13th morning, Shenzhen Pingshan BYD headquarters the six corners of the building, BYD (002594) first lasted for 5 years, 5 billion yuan investment in research and development of monorail "cloud track" whistle opening, officially announced to enter the field of rail transportation trillion. In the cloud track opening ceremony, BYD chairman and President Wang Chuanfu said that after more than and 20 years of development, BYD has been across the IT, automotive, new energy, the industry’s top three. In order to further expand the city public transportation market, ease traffic congestion and air pollution problems fast city urbanization, to help the city to realize the transformation from "city on wheels" to "track the city", BYD will enter the fourth major industries: Rail transportation. Wang Chuanfu said: the development of rail transportation will be the only way to solve urban traffic congestion. "Cloud rail" as rail transportation products for small and medium sized capacity, can be fully integrated with the existing public transport system, help to build three-dimensional transportation network of underground, ground and air travel, solve the masses’ last mile ‘problem. In order to meet the people safe, fast and comfortable travel at the same time, become a medicine treatment of "cancer" of the city congestion. Rail transit is a high threshold for the industry, China no private companies involved in the rail transportation precedent, BYD should dare to spell, dare." For green travel, 6 years ago, BYD launched the city bus electrification strategy, put forward in the field of urban public transport priority low-carbon environmental protection of electric vehicles, reducing the city’s exhaust pollution. In order to solve the city traffic congestion problem, BYD set up more than 1 thousand R & D team, which lasted 5 years, has invested 5 billion yuan to build a successful cloud track ", hope for the various city traffic congestion management, the development of three-dimensional traffic, to provide new ideas and strategic solutions. According to reports, BYD’s "cloud track" belong to the small capacity of the rail transportation cost is only 15 of subway construction period; only 13 of the subway; low noise, can be through the city buildings; marshalling capacity for flexible 1-3 million hours (Dan Xiang). BYD official data, "cloud track" equipped with self-developed iron battery, the use of aluminum light and streamlined body design, equipped with iron battery energy storage system, permanent magnet wheel direct drive motor, lightweight body, single axle bogie, energy feedback and communication system and the auxiliary unmanned technology. In October 13th the official opening of the headquarters of BYD’s first cloud track "the total mileage of 4.4 km, at speeds up to 80 kilometers per hour, which is the world’s first straddle type track" cloud". Currently, BYD has reached a cooperation with the Shantou municipal government, the agreement amount of about 50 billion yuan. In June this year, Pingshan also has been with BYD in the cloud rail planning and construction to achieve cooperation, general construction plan of not less than 50 kilometers of mileage相关的主题文章:

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