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Cheshen Senna: Legend F1 history can not be skipped (on) – Sohu car shows: as a complete biography, this article is about twenty thousand words, fifty-two pictures, so driving hsupai will be divided into two parts to push. Interested friends can read cheshen Senna according to the directory prompt. This is the first part of 9 words, 26 charts, about twenty minutes. The directory of the Silva family? Go kart game newborn boy from Brazil to Europe from South America in the name of Senna 1983: add F1 countdown Toleman team 1984: Miraculous debut 1985 – 1986: Black Lotus green lightning 1987: can not afford the 1988 Buddha Temple: (a) the battle of Champions crowned crown 1989 the battle of Champions: (two) 1990 – 1991: political strife in the battle of Champions (three): 1992 – 1993 cheshen falls and 1994: rookie feudal lords vying for the throne a dream 1994 – Forever: forever cheshen Senna is not known for the Senna Elton? Senna, is spread in the arena of the immortal Legend of speed, countless eternal hearts racing fans God. As a ride at the F1 arena in Brazil he was flying, driving skill and unique personality charm, write out an immortal legend track: four years old start driving karts; won three world champion in the fierce competition in the F1; 41 wins, 65 pole position for five; in the Monaco Grand Prix champion; had 24 consecutive games start in the front, he and Prost’s competition is known as the history of the F1’s most exciting plot, this paper will take you into the Senna, bring you a taste of cheshen back on and under the action of the brilliant style. As the Silva family? In March 21, 1960, Elton was born in Brazil St Paul small area Santana well-off family, Da Silva family, father Milton is a famous local landlord, the name has a lot of land and factories. Elton is the home of the second son, has a sister Vivian and a brother of Leonardo, Elton is a southpaws. Babbling, toddler, little Elton grow up in the house of Da Silva manor. But at the age of 3, his parents found Elton action inconvenience, climbing stairs is very difficult, some uncoordinated movement, to see a doctor, but also check out any problems, which can make his parents anxious. But as time goes on, the movement ability of small Elton recovery, and more and more strong, transformed from a stumbling boy has become the master of sports. At the age of four, he had a keen interest in agricultural machinery and automobile father later, father took a one horsepower lawn mower engine to Elton modified his life in the first kart; at the age of seven, he had learned to drive to play in his father’s farm, and own driving skills; at the age of thirteen, Elton from Brazil Intel Bad Ragaz track start, began to show the style in the kart game. I相关的主题文章:

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