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China veteran recalls: mushroom clouds to the nuclear test explosion scattered off for 40 minutes – Sohu military channel page first: witness recalled Chinese nuclear nuclear test [click the picture to the next page of]2016, Zhou Zhiguo. [Abstract]: more than and 40 years ago, the State Council and the Central Military Commission in accordance with the instructions in the so-called "Dead Sea" of the Xinjiang Lop Nor great depths of Gobi, active in a team consisting of scientists and soldiers of the mysterious and massive special forces. The army called Chinese twenty-first people’s Liberation Army training base (number 8023 troops), take our self-developed atomic bomb and hydrogen bomb test work. Then, as the threat of anti imperialist and nuclear blackmail, the mysterious forces hidden in the vast desert, little-known, in isolation, to build a strong defense quietly dedicated youth and blood, and discipline, keep state secrets. In 1979, the state issued (1979) No. 300 after the State Council and the Central Military Commission to the national defense science and technology "on the proper handling of the retired soldier by reflecting the problem of radioactive damage report" documents, the group who participated in the construction of the country’s highest task and top secret veterans have gradually no longer know the secret. Since then, the national defense science and technology 14 opinions on the implementation of the super dose personnel gradually implemented. Although the late compensation, but the veteran said, there is an account, the spirit is to meet the money can not be replaced". Zhou Zhiguo, aged 69, served as the 8023 Army Corps, the 124 regiment 1 battalion 5 even 1 rows of 4 class monitor I joined the army in 1968, when the requirements of political and social relations, the history of innocence, like Uncle or aunt must be poor, if one party is a rich peasant or landlord, are not allowed to conscription. The individual must be politically innocent and have no moral image to be a soldier. Did not know what the soldiers are sent to the local, to the army after know leadership on confidential matters — we do not tell parents, not to his wife and children. Can only tell the family, in the army training, ready to fight. I have been to eight years later told the family of my work. A day, because it is to go to Xinjiang, have not been so far away, the heart is very painful, but happy is when the special forces, make good contribution to the country, although do not know what contribution, but the heart is very proud, but also have sorrow, is too far away from home. 88 and I went home, we went by train, there is no seat, paving straw, sleeping at night can see the railway, at that time very few saw the train, saw a road scene, a train on the road to the northwest, walked 5 nights, after the car to Turpan that night, after continue to walk, to the morning of the second troops arrived. At that time, the leadership told us that our work in the world of special glory, was very happy, what I do not know, until the plant to know. The first time (editor’s note: Zhou Zhiguo is actually witnessed the tenth atomic bomb test Chinese) explosion, air explosion, aircraft bombing, just heard the speaker said that "10, 9, 8….相关的主题文章:

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