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China’s iron and steel industry to remove the capacity of the largest blast furnace – energy – People’s original title: China’s steel industry to dismantle the capacity of the largest blast furnace since the demolition of the 2 blast furnace. Baotou Steel Group for Beijing, Baotou, August 31 (Li Ai had ice) 31, with the Baotou Steel Group General Manager Sun Guolong gave the order, 500 tons of crane and construction personnel to enter the scene, 56 years of service in the No. 2 blast furnace officially announced the demolition. This is the Chinese government launched the "go production" strategy since the removal of the largest blast furnace in China’s steel industry. Baotou Steel Group was founded in 1954, is one of the first large-scale construction of iron and steel enterprises in china. After 60 years of development, the group has become the world’s largest rail production base, the world’s largest rare earth production and processing enterprises. The removal of No. 2 blast furnace of Baotou Steel, put into operation in September 1960, 2004 overhaul, is China ‘capacity to promote the steel in the process of elimination of rare large blast furnace, has a total production of 36 million 60 thousand tons of pig iron, is a worthy of the name China feats of blast furnace. Wang Shengping, executive vice president of Baotou Steel Group, said that under the conditions of the construction of the historical conditions, the steel group of 2 iron blast furnace design and other environmental protection has been difficult to meet the new requirements. In order to upgrade the old area of the iron making plant environmental protection facilities, Baotou Steel Group decided to dismantle it. Wang Shengping said that after the demolition of the No. 2 blast furnace, will be 1 million 330 thousand tons of steel production capacity of compression, the annual reduction of smoke dust emissions by about 2800 tons, reducing sulfur dioxide emissions by about 57 tons. In the demolition site, Baotou Steel original No. 2 blast furnace foreman Wang Guizhong told reporters that he had transferred to the post of No. 3 bf. Heard No. 2 blast furnace to be demolished, take a few photos to commemorate. Baotou Steel Group released the same day the news show, "12th Five-Year" since, Baotou has eliminated four sets of 90 square meters sintering machine, two 80 tons, four 8 square meters of converter furnace backward equipment etc.. Annual reduction of smoke and dust emissions more than 9000 tons, reducing sulfur dioxide emissions by nearly 30 thousand tons. (end) (: Yanlu, commissioning editor Wang Jing)相关的主题文章:

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