Cixi Electric Appliance Factory fire burned area of about 2000 square meters

Cixi Electrical Appliance Factory fire burned an area of about 2000 square meters of fire is the packing roller with foam next to the other home appliances company was first discovered the spread of fire, is a three storey building two floor, full automatic washing machine production line workshop, workshop in the northeast corner, in large quantities for packaging the drum washing machine, to prevent bad knock in transit the foam piled up, here is the location of fire, in addition to the bubble, and the washing machine drum, semi-finished products and raw materials etc.. "It was time for a break in the morning (9:00 – 9:15), just a few minutes after the bell rang, I heard someone shouting ‘fire’…… There are workers in the workshop, after the discovery of fire, everyone on the side of the alarm, while the organization of the workshop director, take the fire extinguisher to fight. But the bubble is too fast, and then spread open, self-help is not, can only quit the workshop, waiting for the fire rescue." The workers said that although the fire, but no one was trapped, no casualties, has been considered lucky. About 10 points, due to the spread of fire, the adjacent Saiyi Electric Company (a three storey building) also suffer, there is a wall in the distance between the two companies, at the junction of the floor and the first aisle with a fire. Last night, there are still 6 fire officers and soldiers on the scene in addition to the fire brigade to destroy the fire brigade emergency fire, the government has also come, the rapid transfer of the plant staff. According to the reporter, Moore appliance has a hundred people, and the next Saiyi Electric has hundreds of employees, the two companies have stopped working. At the same time, the power sector has also been cut off in the vicinity of the high-voltage lines, public security, traffic police and other roads were blocked to maintain order at the scene. Although a number of production workshops have gone too far, but at about 12 noon, the fire has been under control. The reporter learned that, in late August 12, 2013 7, the production of washing machine, refrigerator, air conditioning and other appliances Saiyi company has a fire, the fire is not small, this was unfortunately hit, is the second time in recent years, the fire. As of press time reporters last night (18:00), to prevent recrudescence, two fires occurred, there is still fire, the fire brigade at the scene with the elimination of residual vehicle gun at this point, the fire has lasted for 9 hours.相关的主题文章:

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