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Self-Improvement Most people love New Year because it’s "new" – starting over, new goals and so on. Did you remember what was (or were) the goal you’ve set last year to be achieved in 2010? And now, look back at the last 12 months, did hit it? The reason you’re "here" right now, meaning what you’ve be.e or achieved, is because of what you’ve done for the past 12 months and what you’ve DECIDED to do in those months. This awareness is crucial. If you don’t lay down the foundation for your goal setting, you can’t take the right steps towards success. Therefore when 2012 rolls around, you’ll still be where you were in 2011. Make sense? Before you even think about setting a goal, you must have the Intention first because that what will drive you to achieve your goal. By now, can you see that success has a Domino effect? One thing leads to another thing. Obviously, success is not just about having money. Success is holistic stuff – you need to have a balance of wealth, health, relationship/love, personal growth and spirituality. To obtain wealth, ALWAYS remember MPS: 1. (M) Mindset Most people in the world don’t get this. Really. They think that mindset is all about positive thinking. Sure, there are people out there who got rich without need the help of personal improvement books, success audios or seminars – but whether they know it or not, they DO HAVE THE SUCCESS MINDSET. Don’t you think mastering persistency, procrastination, creating self-confident and so on are not related to success mindset? Put it this way, having the desire to achieve success or to be.e successful IS related to mindset. All successful people have that. 2. (P) Platform You can be all fired up to achieve success but that’s not going to happen if you don’t know or don’t have the vehicle. There are 4 great vehicles you can use – real estate, stocks, internet and business. You pick your choice. So make sure you learn everything you can about your chosen platform. Is Law of Attraction part of a platform? Not really because you really can’t "attract" a million dollar by doing nothing, right? LOA is very powerful and it’s in the first step of Mindset. You must be aware that it’s the platform that you choose that will bring you the million you’re attracting. 3. (S) Strategy Choosing and knowing what platform that you want to use will make you be.e like one of the many millions of people out there. Don’t. You need Strategy. Strategy in this context is about having a step-by-step plan and knowing how to execute the steps that will lead you to achieve success. Where do you get a Strategy? Easy. From the people who are already successful – it could be from the books, audios, seminars, etc of these people or as simply from knowing them as friends. Last but not least, ponder on this statement: Every day is "New Year". The fact is, you really don’t need a real New Year to start something because you’re in control of your own future. When is the best time? Usually, the best time is now. Copyright (c) 2011 Patric Chan About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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