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Change-Management One of the biggest drivers of growth and success in business is a fully engaged workforce. There is a direct correlation between employees productivity and profits. But a productive workforce is not just a workforce that is forced to work long and hard. A truly productive workforce is an engaged workforce. Employee engagement means that your workers feel like they are a significant part of the company and that they provide a significant contribution. It also means that employees actually feel as if the company cares about their lives, personal and professional. One of the ways to help foster this kind of environment is to create a healthy workplace through HR solutions. A healthy workplace is essentially an environment that people feel happy to be in. Moreover, employees in a healthy workplace feel happy in their roles. The trick is to really engage your employees and managers. Make them feel as if they are an important part of the organization that provides significant value to the business. Take an interest in making sure their personal and professional lives are fulfilling. It has been stated through research that a 1% increase in employee engagement leads to a 1.9% increase in their contribution to the companys profitability. This is precisely why engaged employees are an important resource to build. And outsourced HR solutions can help you achieve this. Youll want to begin with a completely unbiased understanding of your companys existing culture. That is exactly why hiring an HR solutions firm is so useful. Oftentimes internal employees and management are far too close to a company or an objective to see the good and the bad clearly. And even though you may feel you are completely objective when it comes to your business, this is likely not the case. Objectivity is very difficult, especially if you are close to the subject in question. Creating a healthy workplace today involves removing any destructive or unproductive conflict that may exist. It does not matter if your employees have a perceived high tolerance for any type of conflict. It is something that must be addressed immediately. Conflict can occur for any number of different reasons. And so, again, it may be beneficial for your company to hire a professional HR solutions firm that can navigate the different circumstances effectively. A great way to foster a healthy work environment is to implement an HR solution known as a respectful workplace policy. In some places these policies are a requirement for employment standards. If you have trouble implementing such a thing, an outsourced HR solutions firm can help you develop and put something into place. A respectful working culture can actually reduce absenteeism, increase engagement and even lower costs. So its an important thing to do in regards of HR management. 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