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Data control: the Lakers season tour of Yi Jianlian Hugh Walton worry Sohu sports Losangeles Lakers last season scored 17 wins and 65 negative record, ranked fifteenth in the west, failed to enter the playoffs. The Lakers last season hundred round of offensive and defensive efficiency were 101.6 and 111.6 in the league in twenty-ninth and thirtieth; field by -9.56, ranked twenty-ninth in the league; averaging 43 rebounds and ranked twenty-first in the league; averaging 18 assists in the League thirtieth; effective 46% hit rate ranked thirtieth in the league; the error rate of 12.5% ranked tenth in the league. In the new season, we’ll never see Kobe again. For the Lakers, the end of an era, but also means that the beginning of a new chapter. The Lakers offseason big players, although not particularly big, but more practical. Yi Jianlian joined, so that NBA has a Chinese element. But most people concerned, or two runner up: Ingram and Russell’s performance. They decided the Lakers were on their feet. A team, change and salary 1, signed 4 years contract of 72 million (1) deng. (2) 4 year contract Mozgov 64 million. (3) Tariq signed for 2 years – Black – 12 million 850 thousand. (4) 4 year extension of Clarkson 50 million. (5) 1 year contract Yi Jianlian 8 million. (6) signing Ingram, Zubats. 2, trade (1) deal to get bull Calderon. 3 players, Kobe, Hibbert, 4, bass player salary 2016-17 season the Lakers player salary salary ($million) – Don Mozgov Clarkson Yi Jianlian – Williams Calderon Luis Ruhr – Tariq Bulaikenike – Yang Russell Randall Juan Huertas Larry nance Anthony father Bartz – Brown two, data analysis, 1 teams and players in the post Kobe Era and the Lakers Walton joined Kobe with a 60 point victory and ended his occupation career, the twentieth season ended, elegant and perfect. Yes, the past 20 years, Kobe with the Lakers, with NBA, with Losangeles at four in the morning scenery, appear in the game, but in the new season, we will never see him play shadow. Kobe is like a surging river in an unbroken line the Lakers, the contribution to NBA, but it must be admitted that, because of Kobe, the Lakers for 3 consecutive years of struggle in the lottery, this is the first time in the history of three consecutive years failed to make the playoffs. Three years total of 65 wins, as much as 2008-09 season. In such a way to bid farewell to the hero, the Lakers can give the greatest respect and respect, of course, Kobe also clearly, can not be delayed because of their own team. The team has been on the road, maybe the new season, the Lakers still can not enter the playoffs, but the dawn of hope has emerged. Kobe left, Scott also completed his full term, two years 38 wins record is obviously not satisfactory相关的主题文章:

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