Deutsche Bank into the European banking shares plunged crisis concerns the eye of the storm

Deutsche Bank into the European banking shares plunged the eye of the storm triggered the crisis worried about Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Deutsche Bank – reporter Yang Bo one of Europe’s biggest banks recently stirred the market once again become the eye of the storm". Because of the huge potential to fine financial hardship, Deutsche Bank shares continued to refresh the historical low, and promote the development of the European banking sector pudie. The market worried about the ability to bear the risk of high leverage to Deutsche Bank is quite limited, and its huge holdings of derivatives of more than 40 trillion euros, is likely to become an important source of risk caused by the larger crisis. The bank was in trouble since last year, the bank is in trouble. Due to the capital strength bearish outlook, rating agency in June last year, the deutsche bank debt rating lowered to BBB+, just above junk level three levels, a Lehman debt rating is lower in the first three months. Last October, the bank reported third quarter net loss of up to 6 billion 200 million euros, the highest ever, the market may become the "second Lehman" speculation on the protests. In June this year, the Bank branch in the United States second consecutive failed to pass the Fed’s stress test, the Fed believes the existence of "extensive and significant defects in its capital planning". Shortly thereafter, the S & P will deutsche bank debt rating lowered the outlook to "negative", which means that it may further downgrades. The middle of this month, the US Justice Department asked Deutsche Bank to pay a fine of $14 billion, with the pair of mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) investigation of the sales problem. It concerns about the financial situation of the bank to a new climax. German media reported that the German financial industry officials worried that this could eventually be paid by the German government, while the German Ministry of Finance recently responded that the federal government did not prepare any rescue plan. Investors are worried that if you want to pay hefty fines from the US Department of justice, Deutsche Bank’s capital buffers will be one disaster after another. According to JP Morgan expected, the amount of fines just above $4 billion, the capital of the Deutsche Bank will cause great pressure. Deutsche Bank last year a huge loss of 6 billion 800 million euros, the second quarter of this year net profit of only 18 million euros, plummeted 98%. Systematic risk coefficient of high data show that the current total assets of Deutsche Bank’s net assets of 1 trillion and 630 billion euros, but only about 60 billion euros, the total liabilities of up to 1 trillion and 570 billion euros, highly leveraged. At the same time, the scale of its derivatives held up to 42 trillion euros, equivalent to times the entire EU GDP. Some analysts have pointed out that Deutsche Bank investment banking, there is no large-scale retail banking and credit card business to hedge the main business risk, a large number of derivatives to deal may become the last straw for Deutsche Bank, and even lead to the European banking industry and even the global financial system a new round of crisis. In the assessment of the stability of the financial system in the middle of this year released, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will be listed on the global system of Deutsche Bank相关的主题文章:

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