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Didi announced new initiatives: to send express orders taxi –IT– people.com.cn people.com.cn September 1 Xinhua (Yi Xiao) yesterday, announced nearly fifty drops of travel, taxi companies with more than ten deep North of Guangzhou Hangzhou City reached a strategic cooperation, will work together to send a single, traffic integration in intelligent aspects to explore, upgrade operation the management mode of the taxi industry, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the taxi industry, in order to improve the operational efficiency and revenue drivers, enhance passenger travel experience. Didi travel chairman and CEO Cheng Wei said that the taxi is the start of the business drops, both have a strong historical background and good cooperation foundation, tens of millions of people rely on taxi travel. All along, in the taxi industry to share the changes brought about by the sharing of technology, while also actively working with the taxi companies to boost the development of the taxi network about car integration. In August 31st, announced a taxi car network drops about integration and development of new progress, drops travel vice president, drops Policy Research Institute president Zhang Bei pointed out that things are from technology integration, service integration, traffic integration of the three aspects of exploration, trying to take advantage, network system about car management mode and Application of mature technology experience, gradual integration taxi system. At the same time that drops, reached a strategic cooperation nearly fifty taxi companies have Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Nanjing, Sanya and other more than ten city, the taxi companies are expected to introduce drops of unique internet technology, computer algorithms, big data platform and operation management. It drops a taxi in charge of Cao Fang, has been hoping for good service drops taxi driver to win a good salary in technology, service integration, relying on a strong platform for big data mining and computing power, the current drops are working with taxi companies to actively explore, based on the original "grab a single mode" on the launch of the smart school the single "system considering the distance, congestion, supply and demand, the driver service evaluation and other factors, will automatically match the order directed to a passenger the most appropriate taxi driver. "Intelligent dispatch" mode can make passengers improve travel efficiency, more let the taxi driver to change the original spell luck luck, mode of thinking, change for the quality and income linked to the number of service quality. Smart single reflects the ability to efficiently solve the complex needs of large data through the trip, to make the decision to make the service revenue, so that the driver to provide good service received more good orders. It is reported that, in terms of traffic integration, the current platform has been able to get through the taxi network about car orders and back up the system, allowing taxi drivers to undertake a taxi on the basis of the order to undertake the network about the car. It is worth noting that the "intelligent single faction" will open to cooperation with drops taxi business priorities, not included in other drivers for enterprise cooperation, Didi is also active in the development of new products, the driver will make full use of data service platform accumulation, intelligent distinguish driver service level, so the high quality driver into "intelligence single mode. Beijing Yinshan rental general manager Wu Jingran said, by focusing on online work platform, relying on the large data mining capabilities, through the intelligent system will automatically send a single passenger orders)相关的主题文章:

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