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Double "8" according to the mother, SUV control is stronger than the car? The car – Sohu is time for the whole week off a controversy. There is something people, always sleep well, so my brother 5:30 in the morning to wake up, hurriedly wash Zhaomu mountain. On arrival, the sky is still dark, start raining. The origin of the debate, and had the same Polo swift control dispute, are brother visits to Chongqing traffic radio 955 BMW car world, with the host Linhai debate: SUV control and the car is really not par? Interested friends, you can return to the previous two manuscripts, SUV control and how can not be compared to the car? "," can not be compared with the car control? The Peugeot 3008 does not believe this evil ", my brother is to understand how to step by step is brought into the" ambush ". The cup to double "8" roll is not obvious contrast manipulation this route, we are still the same as the last Polo swift manipulation of dispute, choose according to the mother in the mountains on the road down the mountain, because it is early morning, people on the mountain is very small, very suitable for the operation, security is also guaranteed. According to the mother of the curved road and the downhill, the vehicle control and power is also a test. Is this double "8" struggle we took a relatively quantitative measures, the two cups were placed in the central armrest 3008 and 408 cup, add close to full glass of water. After all the guests after the test, we observed the water shed. (left for the guests "great dad", "right for a person or thing gone beyond recall" and its bestie) when the first guests a lot of dad sitting in the 408 cockpit, quickly started out as a mother at the time go by like the wind mountain parking lot, we all said: "this is the first trip back there a few drops of water estimation." But did not expect is that the guests came back to say, almost no water spilled. "A lot of dad" also in such a fierce drive over 3008, so is the cup on the 3008. In fact, after the finish in all guests, two cup car have spilled much, only dropped by about half a centimeter (the proof). In fact, the chassis is indeed pretty good, are its advantages. So double 8 roll is not obvious." A guest concluded that the legal system for vehicles in the mountains and the road over the tune, have their own set, which stems from the local landscape. 9 guests and 4 stations in the 3008 side of the trip to the Zhaomu mountain guests a total of 9, are "Linhai reading car" and "fan street coolcar" background of life insurance. Though it was very early, everyone arrived on time. One of the guests from Jiangjin "two children", at 4 in the morning from Jiangjin, 5 arrived at the venue, when my brother thinks very early to, he has been in the parking lot to rest for an hour. It seems that the spirit of the pursuit of truth is the same. (4 guests standing on the side of the 3008) and the "baby" is to open a Peugeot 408 (the old section of the 2 models), he said, he is still a feeling of beauty, "()相关的主题文章:

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