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Health The environment that a hospital offers to its patients plays a very important role in treating them. The brightened and smiling faces of nurses and doctors at work can help to bring a ray of hope in the life of distressed and disheartened patients. But, how can a nurse who is wearing a pair of cheap uncomfortable shoes feel happy at work when she remains tired all through the day. The Eastern theory of medicine places special emphasis on the comfort and ease given to a persons feet in maintain the health of the entire body. Foot massages have therefore become popular in most parts of the world these days. But, massage will have their impact only for short periods of time and that too if continuous comfort and relaxation is giver to the feet. A pair of comfy, and relaxing footwear is utmost important especially at work as a person spend most of the day at work. This is especially true for the nursing profession that demands a lot of movement from one ward to the other; from one patient to the next and even movement around the patients beds for performing different tasks. Only you as a nurse can identify your needs for a pair of comfortable quality shoes that will help you keep cheerful all through the day. While you buy one or more pairs of shoes for wearing them at work ask yourself a few questions. Just wear them and walk a small distance inside the shop to see if the pair you have selected is able to answer all your questions positively. Does the pair of shoes fits in your feet appropriately? It should neither be too fixed nor should it be too loose. Loose shoes at work can affect your movement or create blisters in your feet. The shoes should be able to provide free movement even with a pair of socks. Are the shoes you are trying for purchase offer comfort and feeling of relaxation to your feet while you wear them? Is the base of the shoes made such that it offers resistance while you are moving on oily surfaces or floor with some other liquid like alcohol spilt on it? Does that pair of shoes keeps quite when you move from one place to the other? As squeaking shoes might disturb the patients and make them irritable while they are sleeping. You movement in the ward is a continuous affair and should not irritate the patients. One way to buy good shoes and nursing scrubs is by checking the cushioning material of the shoes. Plenty of shoes with premium quality rubber soles are available in the real and virtual marketplace. These places have a variety of high quality nursing shoes to fulfill your needs of comfort and ease at work. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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