FAW TOYOTA RAV4 Rong put competitive analysis of the same value (video) ssdao

The FAW TOYOTA RAV4 put the value of Rong competitiveness analysis [Pacific Automotive Network (micro-blog) new channel] in July 28, 2016, FAW TOYOTA officially announced the "RAV4 Rong" guide price, launched a total of two power of 7 models, the price range of 17.98-26.98 million. After the listing will be mainly with Honda CR-V, Nissan X-Trail (ginseng, pictures, etc. inquiry) competition, and at the same level of the opponent to view (ginseng, pictures, inquiry), Maverick (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) are full of strength. How to improve the strength of the new car? Interpretation of the analysis below. Little surprise! What is the specific price Wu Pei drive FAW TOYOTA RAV4 – FAW TOYOTA RAV4 Rong Rong put on? The FAW TOYOTA RAV4 for the launch of the 2.0L and 2.5L displacement of the two, with 7 models, including three models with four-wheel drive version of the system. The price range in the configuration after the upgrade, the price ratio decreased. TOYOTA glory put RAV4 guidance price models price (yuan) 2.0L version 17.98 (urban fashion ginseng, pictures, inquiry) version of the 19.98 version of the 20.08 version of the 21.48 comfortable wisdom is the cutting-edge version of 4WD22.482.5L Elite Edition 4WD23.98 GLS 4WD26.98 RAV4 – who will compete and honor? FAW TOYOTA RAV4 due to positioning has not changed, is still an old rival for many years. Japanese rivals Nissan X-Trail, including Honda CR-V and Mazda CX-5, Europe and the United States Department of the opponent is the Tiguan, maverick, Korean rival is the modern new Tucson (ginseng, pictures, and so on the inquiry) compact SUV market SUV. Nissan X-Trail Mazda CX-5 Honda CR-VRAV4 glory put size contrast models and rival RAV4 Rong put Honda CR-V Mazda CX-5 Nissan X-Trail long (mm) width (mm) and high (mm) wheelbase (mm) body size data, RAV4 data belongs to the overall glory put a reasonable level, and compared with the length and height ratio were increased by 30mm and 20mm, and the width of the opponent is better. Although the light from the data does not show its advantages. But the actual passenger space is completely not the problem: RAV4 – wing which put awesome configuration? The new TOYOTA RAV4 standard with a set of control buttons on wing wheel configuration to launch PVM panoramic surveillance system, 6.1 inch multimedia audio display system, other configurations include ToyotaSafety Sense TOYOTA collision avoidance assistance package, including pre crash safety system, lane departure warning system, automatic adjustment of light system, dynamic radar cruise control system. But the whole system comes standard with vehicle stability control system. RAV4 – Rong with competitiveness? FAW TOYOTA RAV4 Rong configuration, most of the focus on the top distribution models, then compared with the opponent, we are the same as the top models, and how competitive it? RAV4 Rong and rival comparison models commonly used configuration configuration of RAV4 2.5L automatic four-wheel drive 2016 wing distinguished version of Honda CR-V 2015 2.4L 4WD X-Trail GLS)相关的主题文章:

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