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The spring 1 billion 200 million financing CEO died, why not stop entrepreneurs anxiety – Sohu technology began at noon today, the rain doctor founder Zhang Rui died of myocardial infarction sudden news, WeChat began maxed circle of friends and micro-blog, then the media and the medical profession confirmed and follow up related news. The doctor is the largest medical Internet platform, including remote inquiry, family doctor, make an appointment, such as multiple services. 2014 complete C round of $50 million financing. 2016 completed 1 billion 200 million financing, is divided into the demolition package listed. All the strategizing, unfortunately, doa. As a result, a lot of public opinion, pressure and anxiety is the culprit leading to tragedy, why entrepreneurs can not stop the anxiety? Anxiety is the fate of entrepreneurs? According to an interview with the media, Zhang Rui mentioned before his anxiety, especially the financial pressure: I am really anxious. Every day to eat well sleep well at night, worried that the capital chain is broken to do morning and playing their own spirit encourage, products to solve so many people suffering, so valuable, will get the money, "not just the fate.". The spiritual pressure quickly back to the body, his brow was white. Known as the next Jobs, Silicon Valley iron man Elon Musk, in the latest biography of the eighth chapter "pain, suffering and rebirth" mentioned in his face financial difficulties, Tesla and SpaceX: "I was by turns the pistol fire, there are a lot of people in all aspects of schadenfreude, I very unfavorable. Justin (musk wife) through the media to negative reports Tesla always appear in the media, torture me, and reported SpaceX third launch failure, this is a great harm to me, let I seriously doubt your life does not go up, the car can not go on · · · · · ·; I feel Nothing is right. I don’t think we can go on. I think maybe it’s all over." When talking to a lot of entrepreneurs and investors, they talk about security. Many excellent entrepreneurs said there is no sense of security, Liu Yan, founder of six rooms, China first show and the live mode of the pioneers, the company to 2 billion 600 million price "sell" to the A shares of the listed company, now the company profits high, free personal wealth, pomegranate live development is rapid, but he still said pressure great, there is no sense of security. The best way to relieve stress is sports, golf, football, volleyball and so on, all of which are his favorite ways to relax. Why anxiety can not be cured? Make the most of source of entrepreneurial anxiety, in the sense of security business, but this is not a once and for all, can be achieved and long enjoy things, but it takes a long time and continue to build, repair, adjust and perfect. The overall aspects and links involved a lot. But in this one of the most important is the relationship with people, especially the relationship between the team. Including partner.相关的主题文章:

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