Foreign media reporter visited the door fishermen fishing boats to defend the important force in the xhero

Foreign media reporter visited Tanmen fishermen: as an important force to defend the South China Sea – Beijing core tip: a few years ago, China government began to encourage the construction of large tonnage ship, to facilitate delivery of fishermen arrived in Nansha, to provide fuel subsidies to fishermen, almost free way to around 50 thousand boats fitted a global positioning system. Reference News Network reported on September 25th Spain’s "world news" website published in September 18th entitled "a defense China" invincible "Navy" reported that "the South China Sea Tanmen: China heart", wrote that stands in a giant stone Tanmen town of Hainan city. Here you can see dozens of ships shuttling between the ports of the wide port. Through the streets of the town, the car stopped in front of the 108 brothers temple. This memorable temple is a red color, hidden in the dense palm trees. There are a lot of legends about the brothers temple, which shows the history of the relationship between the door and the South China sea. Fishermen in the sea before the temple will be held in the sacrificial ceremony. Dragon scales and decorative temple, the fisherman in the form of memorial incense. A few hours later, the local writer Zheng Qingyang (sound) in a teahouse in the South China Sea map hanging to reporters explained the ritual sequence of events. He said, the 108 brothers public ritual is to pay homage to 700 years ago to defend Hainan and its surrounding waters from "108 fishermen foreign" pirate invasion. "The legend is that the 108 men have protected the fishermen at the gate." Zheng Qingyang said. Before college, Zheng Ye had worked for many years as a fisherman, he was born in a fisherman’s house. His father disappeared when he went to sea. His grandfather and 7 other people in the family were also in this fate. "The story of the brotherhood and its story is another evidence that our fishing boats have been fishing in the South China Sea since ancient times." Zheng Qingyang said. Reportedly, tanmenzhen nearly 8000 fishermen and more than and 300 fishing boats have been upgraded to China marine strategic spearhead policy expansion. The fishing boat also played a key role in the battle of Xisha in 1974. In 1985, the Chinese government set up a maritime militia in the town of Tan, which is similar to a taboo place for foreign journalists. "We don’t want to talk about Nansha." A fisherman said. The 69 year old fisherman Deng Yehe (sound) in the coveted sea fishing has been 50 years since ancient times, but he only had a myriad of local fishermen, pirates and robbers foreign warships harassed them. "Nansha has been part of our gate for generations. We’ve been fishing here." Lao Deng with local fishermen have a patriotic passion to say. In 80s, Deng was held by the Malaysia Navy, his fishing boat into the waters controlled by the horse navy. This is the local fishermen often encounter things. Deng recalled the scene said that the other side of the gun chasing his fishing boat. "They used the plane to shoot". Deng was held in Malaysia for 48 hours. "Ships from Philippines and Vietnam usually shoot at the sky to drive us away. But)相关的主题文章:

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