GAC trumpchi GS4 color value and performance. sunny came home

GAC trumpchi GS4 color value and the performance of both the GS4 released in April 2015, only more than a year, with a series of stunning performance, showing their strong color. 15 months of market ownership over 300 thousand consecutive months; SUV sales chart ranked second, and gradually narrow the distance with the top; many get The Associated Press, Boston financial, Reuters and other foreign media authority won the affirmation; issued by the top Japanese magazine "CARSTYliNG", "The Best Production Car Design China 2015" – the 2015 best China production car…… In the SUV under the law of the jungle, GS4 accurately grasp the pulse of the market, by a hard-edged "dark horse", become fully deserve the star. So, where the success of the GS4 field from the high value of GS4? Yan Neiwaijianxiu transfer trends in this look at the face of the era, Yan burst table values tend to become a powerful driving force to promote sales. Copycat into the war today, the design style of independent innovation, has become the killer to conquer the consumer. The appearance of the GS4 did not copy any one of the big foreign brands, but by the Guangzhou Research Institute Vice President and chief engineer of the Zhang Fan design led design, giving GS4 its own unique design language. As trumpchi’s first light sculpture 2 design aesthetics of SUV, GS4 on high Yan quickly forced open market value. It uses a wide application of design style, trumpchi Flying Dynamics family tough atmospheric face shape, gives the vehicle solid steady attitude, great impact. Hidden D column design and manufacture of roof suspension effect, with the A column from the D column to the side window of the chrome trim strip, will focus on the decorative strip tail "trumpchi" brand logo. Suspended around 360° three-dimensional layout of interior continuation trumpchi family wing horizontal design, the control on both sides of piano paint decoration extends to door armrest, hexagonal button Italian supercar style, like the luxury aviation cockpit. Ten years, Guangzhou Research Institute, among the top 10 industries GS4 has proven successful, behind its design team precise grasp of consumer aesthetic design, strength is obvious to people. This is a kind of team in 2006, Guangzhou Automobile Research Institute was established, focusing on independent brand products and technology R & D projects. Ten years, Guangzhou Research Institute from the initial 50 to now more than 2500 people, plus the GAMC technology center has more than and 700 technology R & D team, set up a team of experts from high-end automotive technology at home and abroad leading R & D personnel. Now, its independent research and development of core competence to achieve a qualitative leap, in all more than 1 thousand and 100 research institutions in the technology industry ranking rose to tenth, the overall strength among the forefront of the automotive industry research and development Chinese, technical innovation ability also let trumpchi launch explosion models become possible. Especially Guangzhou Research Institute Vice President and chief engineer of the design of the arrival of Zhang Fan, is to further enhance the level of design. Immersed in the international automotive fashion circles.相关的主题文章:

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