Gansu released natural disaster relief emergency plan within 2 hours to report the disaster huangshexiaoshuo

Gansu natural disaster relief emergency plan should be within 2 hours of the disaster report – Beijing new network in Lanzhou in November 11, (Yang Na) in order to regulate the relief work, improve the emergency rescue capability of natural disasters, to minimize casualties and property losses, the general office of the Gansu provincial government recently disclosed the "emergency rescue of Gansu province disaster". Gansu proposed the "plan" for drought and flood in the administrative area of the province occurred, hail, freezing, snow, dust storms, earthquakes, landslides, landslides, mudslides, government emergency rescue work of forest grassland fires and major biological disasters, major animal diseases and other natural disasters. For the occurrence of a particularly serious and major disaster in the neighboring provinces and a significant impact on the region of Gansu, according to the disaster relief emergency response start conditions, to carry out disaster relief work. Gansu province Disaster Reduction Committee for the province’s disaster relief emergency responsible for organization and coordination responsibilities, is responsible for coordinating the disaster early warning and forecasting, to carry out emergency response, emergency rescue, disaster recovery and reconstruction after the disaster of people living arrangements and coordination, to guide social forces to participate in disaster relief, guiding city to carry out disaster prevention and mitigation work, organize the relevant members of the unit held a consultation meeting disaster. At the same time, Gansu Disaster Reduction Committee established by the Committee of experts of colleges and universities personnel of well-known experts and Disaster Reduction Committee members related components, to provide policy advice and suggestions on the disaster relief work of major decisions and planning, put forward advice for the province’s major, major disaster disaster assessment, emergency rescue and post disaster reconstruction. In the aspect of disaster early warning response, Gansu made the regulation from two aspects of disaster warning and information sharing. The relevant departments including meteorological bureau, Water Conservancy Bureau, will be timely warning information of meteorological disasters, drought, flood warning information bulletin of Gansu province disaster reduction committee. Responsible for disaster information warning task units should be combined with early warning area of natural conditions, population and economic and social development and data analysis of pre assessment, promptly issued a disaster warning information on related areas may be the threat of disaster. To fulfill the duty of relief, the unit should strengthen the duty, closely track the change and development trend of the disaster risk, make dynamic assessment on the possible damage caused by the disaster, and adjust the relevant measures in time. The submission of the disaster information shall include the time, place and background of the disaster, the loss of the disaster, the measures taken and the needs of the disaster area. After the occurrence of a sudden disaster, the civil affairs departments at all levels shall report to the local government and the civil affairs department at the corresponding level within 2 hours. The result above the county level within the administrative area of 10 deaths (including missing) sudden disasters or the collapse of a large number of houses, a large area of farmland affected and other serious losses, the county civil affairs departments shall be reported to the government at the corresponding level, municipal civil affairs department, the provincial civil affairs department immediately after the disaster. The Provincial Department of civil affairs report immediately after receiving the report, the provincial people’s government and the Ministry of civil affairs. The provincial people’s Government shall report to the State Council in accordance with the relevant provisions. According to the factors such as the degree of hazard, the emergency response of natural disaster relief in Gansu province is divided into 4, i.相关的主题文章:

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