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Humanities Mentalism is a type of magic that involves playing with other peoples minds or reading other peoples minds. But mentalism hasnt always been limited to just performances. In fact, there are some great stories about mentalism being performed in real-life situations. Robbing a Bank Many years ago there was a man named Wolf Messing who claimed to be psychic. He used his psychic powers to entertain and to cause people to do some remarkable things. Messing attracted the attention of Stalin, the former leader of the Soviet Union. To convince Stalin that he was actually able to influence peoples minds, Messing once walked into a bank, handed a teller a blank note, and was quickly handed over 10,000 Rubles. When Messing walked back into the bank and explained to the teller what had just happened, the teller is said to have dropped dead of a heart attack. Getting to Stalin Messing wasnt done convincing Stalin. Its said that Stalin wanted Messing to try to get into his home office without a pass he, Stalin, was there. Messing accepted the challenge and walked into Stalins office one day with armed men. Messing has used his powers to convince the guards that he was the feared head of the Secret Police, Lavrenti Beria. Predicting Hitlers Rise Erik Jan Hanussen was a German mentalist. He advised Hitler and is said to have taught Hitler tricks for how he could mentally influence the thoughts of people in his crowds. Hanussen is probably most famous for predicting that Hitler would rise to supreme power because of the Reichstag fire. That prediction was also probably responsible for Hanussen being assassinated and buried just outside of Berlin. Hitler or the men close to Hitler probably feared this man could know too much about their plans so they killed him to keep him quiet. Or perhaps the men close to Hitler had Hanussen killed because they feared that he could potentially have too much influence on Hitler. Whatever, the exact motive, Hanussen was certainly murdered because of his abilities with mentalism. Mentalism is a fascinating form of magic. Many of the tricks that are performed are nothing short of astounding. However, not all tricks have been performed on stage or used to entertain. Wolf Messing and Erik Jan Hanussen are two men who used mentalism in everyday life. What they did makes for great stories about mentalism. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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