Guangdong birth service online service system on-line health certificate can be handled Online

Guangdong birth service online service system on the line to prove that the Internet can handle affairs difficult, slow, complex…… At the grassroots level for family planning has been the public Tucao, this situation will be changed in the future. The picture shows a happy family of four. Today, born two children also means to go through a lot of documents, fortunately now Guangzhou planning for business is expected to become more convenient, on the line after the full population information system in Guangdong Province, more and more family planning matters can apply online. Xinhua News Agency reporter from the Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission was informed that the Guangdong family service online business system officially launched operation, and for all kinds of birth certificate, even required approval procedures, can be at home for the internet. The Guangzhou Daily reporter He Xuehua correspondent Yue Weixin   work convenience "timetable" — on the Internet more and more things you can do now can do three operations according to the province’s family planning services online service system construction plan, the first phase has been on-line registration and approval of family, family planning certificate for three business. Next year also added several kinds of service will be launched next year to apply for the support of family planning incentives and query, "one-child parents honor certificate", go through the "national floating population" services for electronic marriage and child rearing permit projects. The future has launched Guangdong personal web page management system of new business to be unified, the system will also provide family planning services and electronic license, electronic health records query function. Next year in January, WeChat fertility service platform will be opened, so that the public through smart phones and handheld terminals for related matters. At present, people have to stay at home, using a web browser at home to apply for all kinds of proof of family planning and birth registration, examination and approval procedures. According to the requirements in the online application, the public will receive SMS notification, then can go to any home away from the nearest street (township). Family planning window to receive approval results or proof of paper. Whether it is submitted to the relevant photo or signed the letter of commitment, can be completed on the internet. Before the work of the four difficult to deal with the slow and complex, the main card in the internal and external network does not interact, causing the people to run around the outer loop and the internal government internal cycle". To reverse this situation, the need for the province’s family planning services to allow people to bid online first, government departments to verify the material. Boduantui before, do family planning documents to apply for a child, and two child birth registration, at least need to run 6 times, cover 6 chapter. No time to rest before you have a window of the rest of the family planning, to be able to leave the office, in the working hours of time. Call back before because the guide is not clear, the province around the application materials are not unified, easy to work "fight back": "this proves not to open a" "this mistake, re fill"…… Crazy copy before, through the family room will have a child process will find that each time for a different business, are repeatedly submitted documents, such as marriage certificate, identity card, residence booklet. Many people even advance to prepare a 6相关的主题文章:

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