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A second hand, teach you how to fix a visa – Malaysia Tourism Malaysia Sohu, known as Malaysia (Malaysia), referred to as malaysia. Malaysia is the South Sea Chinese is divided into two parts: located on the Malay Peninsula, West Malaysia, North Thailand, south across the Johore Strait, to the causeway and the second channel connecting Singapore; East Malaysia, Borneo (Kalimantan Island) to the north, South to Indonesia, Brunei is sandwiched between Sabah and Sarawak the state. Guardian of the Strait of Malacca southeast garden country, pristine beaches, exotic island, primitive forest and modern city into the cradle of Malay culture. Malaysia is rich in tourism resources, sunny, pleasant climate, has a lot of high quality beaches, exotic island, primitive tropical forests, rare animals and plants, caves, ancient folk customs, historical and cultural relics and modern city. First to share Shangri-la Rasa Ria Resort Sabah sunset. Gaya street. Photography photography photography style style Xiamen Airlines Xiamen Airlines Xiamen Airlines Xiamen Airlines Xiamen Airlines style style style photography photography photography photography style style March 1, 2016 Xiamen Airlines Xiamen Airlines, Malaysia China of mainland citizens to launch an electronic visa and visa policy, the fastest 24 hours out of cards. Then how to get a visa, please see below ha. [electronic visa] (eVISA) 1, registered users? AlreadyCheckLang=1& lang=zh this is Malaysia visa official website, or your Baidu electronic visa in Malaysia’s official website, the first is to register an account, please see the screenshot. To apply for electronic visa and visa program, you need to prepare round-trip ticket information, there must be, otherwise it can not apply for, can only apply for a paper visa, there is a 2 inch photo. 2, fill in some of the basic information of the picture is very strict, it must be required to upload, I tried many times, the specification can not apply. Photos specifications, in accordance with the requirements to oh. This ticket must be some information, accommodation can be. 3, correct photos and passport page now has a photo correction function, more humane, more easy to pass, when I started the application doesn’t have this feature, cause for many times failed. Photos can be applied to normal. Passport correction. 4, check the information here to check carefully, if the information is wrong, the payment, it can not be changed, which means that you can only re apply, and the cost is not refundable. 5, the payment of electronic visa fee is 200,.相关的主题文章:

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